Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

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PROBATE PROCEEDINGS Received 3-17-88 P-88-334 - Est of Wood; pub affi.

P-88-330 - Est of Jeske; same.

P-85-2489 - Est of McFall; same.

P-88-196 - Est of Draper; same.

P-88-195 - Est of Hollingsworth; same.

P-88-191 - Est of Wood; same.

P-88-163 - Est of Cooper Sr; same.

P-88-85 - Est of Howard; same.

P-88-38 - Est of Barson; same.

P-87-2189 - Est of Davis; same.

P-87-2123 - Est of Sullins; same.

P-87-2067 - Est of Gianfilippo; same.

P-87-2062 - Est of Emerson; same.

P-87-1958 - Est of Mahaffey; same.

P-87-1834 - Est of Kenworthy; same.

P-87-1831 - Est of Pawson; pub affi.

P-87-1819 - Est of Fleming; same.

P-87-1818 - Est of Hutcheson; same.

P-87-1793 - Est of Scales; same.

P-87-1612 - Est of Thompson; same.

P-87-1302 - Est of Staples; same.

P-87-1089 - Est of Snyder; same.

P-87-941 - Est of McGinty; same.

P-87-935 - Est of Gardner; same.

P-87-935 - same; same.

P-87-293 - Est of Bonner; same.

P-87-26 - Est of Goen; same.

P-87-1847 - Est of Pfeifer; affi of mail.

P-87-120 - Est of Beckham; fin receipt, fin dischg.

P-88-60 - Est of Faucett et al; affi of mail.

P-88-9 - Est of Peake; gen inv and appr.

P-87-993 - Est of Gamble; gen inv and appr.

P-81-1921 - Est of Stinchcomb; ord for hrng on 3-16-88 at 2 pm, ord resetting hrng.

P-82-1638 - Gdn of Loeffelholz; ord approving fin acct.

P-86-1930 - Est of Miller; receipt and rel (3).

P-88-463 - Det of Aubert Sr; ord for hrng on 3-30-88 at 9 am, not of hrng.

P-86-1480 - In re Stone; withdraw as atty.

P-88-440 - Est of Bouteller; letters issue to Mary E Peach.

P-87-1673 - Est of Thedford; ord.

P-85-1169 - Est of Pate et al; not of hrng on 3-28-88 at 9 am, ord for hrng, pet for ord allow sale of real prop.

P-88-26 - Est of Chase; gen inv and appr.

P-87-854 - Est of Wilborn; same.

P-87-1174 - Est of Degen; same.

P-87-646 - Est of Brown; rel OTC.

P-87-1911 - Est of Brooks; not of hrng on 3-28-88 at 1:30 pm, retn of sale, ord for hrng.

P-88-225 - Est of Emrick; affi of mail, not of hrng on 4-4-88 at 1:30 pm, ord for hrng, app for instr.

P-80-1276 - Est of Benson; ord.

P-88-464 - Est of Stewart; app for sum admn, ord for sum admn, not to credrs, inv and appr, ord appt apprs, letters issue to Thelma W Hemphill, ord appt pers represent, app for waiver of bond, waiver of prior right.

P-88-469 - Gdn of Sudduth et al; not of hrng on 3-28-88 at 1:30 pm, ord for hrng.

P-87-042 - Est of Crain aka Topetchy; ord of sale, not of sale on 4-6-88 at 9 am, ord appt apprs, oath of apprs, appr.

P-88-339 - Est of Reed; ord appt apprs, test on probate of will, test on probate of will, ord admit will to probate, letters issue to Eugene Reed, affi of mail.

P-88-468 - Gdn of Mayse; not of hrng on 3-28-88 at 9 am, ord for hrng.

P-88-440 - Est of Bouteller; ord appt gdn.

P-87-2172 - Est of Shepherd; gen inv and appr.

P-87-1839 - Gdn of King; ord appt apprs.

P-87-2172 - Est of Shepherd; fin acct, not of hrng on 4-14-88 at 9 am, affi of mail, ord for hrng, rel OTC.

37534 - Gdn of Parker; app.

P-88-467 - Gdn of Burnett; affi of mail, ord & not of hrng on 3-23-88 at 9 am.

P-87-079 - Est of Franklin; ord confirm sale, ord appt apprs, retn of sale.

P-88-466 - Est of Fields; ord for hrng on 4-27-88 at 9 am, not of hrng, affi of mail.

P-88-471 - Est of Stelter; ord for hrng on 3-22-88 at 1:30 pm, not of hrng.

P-88-165 - Est of Deal; app & ord waiving filing of gen inv and appr. …

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