Oklahoma City Workers Compensation Court Docket

Article excerpt



MARCH 21ST, 1988


9:00 A.M.

87-05758L -- Gloria Skinner (Mike Warma) vs Lotta Burger #2 (Mid-

Continent Casualty Co., Paul Fernald).

87-19185K -- George Eugene Crauthers (Dow Simank) vs CCC Express (Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Jeff Dasovich).

85-17324A -- Joyce M Williams (Victor Wood Jr) vs Department Human Services (State Ins Co).

87-18841Y -- Billy Ray Nixon (J Hensley) vs Affiliated Van Lines & Storage (Own Risk, Chris Sturm).

87-01216H -- William G Davis (Richard Bell) vs Centralift-Hughes (Travelers Indemnity Company, Michael Smith).

87-11568L -- Jim W Waldrup (Richard Bell) vs Blue Circle Cement (Liberty Mutual Ins Co, Paul McGivern Jr).

87-14288K -- Debra Sue Werner (Richard Bell) vs Churchs Fried Chicken (Travelers Indemnity Company, Steven Hancock).

86-23134X -- Carol L Nash (Richard Bell) vs Pratts (Own Rick, Vicki Robertson, Chris Sturm).

83-11409L -- Sondra Lou Porter (dow Simank) vs General Motors Corp (Own Risk, Vicki Robertson, D.L. Trent, M.D.

85-09286X -- Toney Allen Climer (Albert Hoch Jr) vs Fas-Lube (Own Risk, John McCaleb, Dr Trent, M.D. /Kayo Oil dba).

84-19741F -- Jan S McCord (Gary Prochaska) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only.

87-07905L -- Roy Gene Black (William Brogden) vs G&J Constr Co (Mid-Continent Casualty Co, Paul Whinery, Micheline Delier).


9:00 A.M.

87-14216L -- Richard Brent Hilliard (Richard Bell) vs Hilliard Trucking (Mid-Continent Casualty Co, Paul Whinery).

85-04241F -- John F Gordon (Thomas Layon) vs Prattville Casting Company (State Ins Fund).

87-15955J -- Roy Dean Riddle (Patrick Ryan) vs Core Serv (CNA Ins Co, James Durant &/or No. Card -- Cert).

86-24009J -- Sharon Mae Reel (Richard Mason) vs Dept of Public Safety (State Ins Fund).

85-19572X -- Johnnie Ann Russell (Marcia Davis) vs Wal-Mart (National Union Fire Ins. Co, Walter Bower).

85-15118A -- Karen Kristine Cooley (Sidney Musser) vs Kelly-Johnston Enterprises (State Ins Fund).

85-16191A -- Hazel L Basham (John Forbes) vs Maremont Corp (Own Risk, John McCaleb).

87-19646X -- Sandra Brantley (James Taylor) vs Willow Park Health Care Ctr (Own Risk, Tom Steichen).

86-07870Q -- Bobby K Kibe (Kenneth Brown, Wyatt, Austin & Assoc) vs Bunte Candy (Own Risk, John Oldfield).


9:00 A.M.

87-08558K -- Marie Louise Burden (Lew Gravitt) vs Dollar General Store (National Union Fire Ins. Co, Walter Bower).

87-06652F -- Owen F Gore (Joey Chiaf) vs Rustin Concrete Corp (Mid-

Continent Casualty Co, Paul Whinery, Michelin Delier).

87-17836A -- Robert Gene Morris (John Estes) vs Charles & Wayne Cline (State Ins Fund).

87-11570K -- Jim W Waldrup (Richard Bell) vs Blue Circle Cement (Liberty Mutual Ins Co, Paul McGivern Jr).

86-17383X -- Bianca Lawrence (Marcia Davis) vs General Motors Corp (Own Risk, Mark Duvall).

87-02113K -- Amos Lee Perry (R Funk, J. Clark Russell) vs Baker Packers (Aetna Casualty and Surety Co, Dale Whitten).

87-06526A -- Palecia Roundtree (John Luton) vs Oaktree Learning Center (Hartford Ins Group, Kathleen Himmler).

87-04768K -- Jesse L Gabe (Mike Lawter) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only.

86-16208Q -- Juanita Chandler (J. Clark Russell) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only.

86-06917A -- Joe D Ussery Jr (William Brogden) vs Multi Graphics (Liberty Mutual Ins Co, Jeff Dasovich).

84-12761R -- Larry D Lacy (Gene Prigmore) vs Wilson Foods (Own Risk, William Wiles Jr, St Anthony Hosp).

80-09038X -- Ung Van Pham (William Brogden) vs Green Country Castings (State Ins Fund).


9:00 A.M.

86-12759K -- Evelyn D Zehm (William Abney Jr, William Brogden) vs Save-A-Stop (State Ins Fund). …


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