Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Corporation Commission

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Corporation Commission

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Cause CD No. 143,353

Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: Magaw & Zimmer. Relief Requested: Spacing. Legal Description: NE/4 and SW/4 (a/k/a Lots 3, 4 and E/2 SW/4) of Section 30, Township 13 North, Range 1 East, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma; NE/4 and SE/4 (a/k/a Lots 6, 7, 8 and E/2 SE/4) of Section 36, Township 13 North, Range 1 West, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma; and, NE/4 (a/k/a Lots 12,16, 17, 18, 19, and 2) and SW/4 (a/k/a Lots 9, 10 and W/2 SW/4) of Section 1, Township 12 North, Range 1 West, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.

THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA: To Chas. A. Neal & Company; Dail C. West; Joanne P. Kerran; Westfall Producing Co.; Carmi Corporation; Arthur S. Magaw; Louis G. Zimmer; Glen J. Zimmer; J.C. Bell; Shirley V. Bell; Mathew S. Zimmer; Todco Properties, Inc.; Daniel K. Waring; Christy King; Dovie R. King; Marie H. Ware; H. Robert Wood & Harold S. Wood, Trustees of the Lela Howard Wood Trust; Frances Thuren; Richard L. Disney, Jr.; Mitchell K. Disney; Dawn D. Yorke; Elizabeth D. Baker (a/k/a Elizabeth Disney Baker); Carl Watkins; Alma Watkins; Johnna Bess Vogel; Fred A. Purcell; Elizabeth Hise; Robert J. Farquhar, III; Mary Patricia Purdy; Evelyn A. Garr; Marjorie A. Gill; Francis Adams, Jr.; Maxine V. Townsend; George Henry DeLozier; Catherine Suits Temm; Alta Dorman; Cassie Hamilton; James Carl Walenciak; Lona Cates Smith; Anna C. McClesky; Vena Dora Nolen; Eva Goldberg; William M. Hamilton & Maureen L. Hamilton; Russell Prophet; John Secondine; John Thomas; Emma Thomas Woodall; Mildred Patterson Kinney; Alice Patterson LeGrande; Betty Jean Cole; Georgie May Morgan; Wylodean Lee; LaNell McNew; Mary Lane; W.G. Kinney; Raymond J. Kinney; Josephine Andrews; Janice Frey; Judy Fields; JoAnn Summers; Jack Walenciak; James Carmen Walenciak; Paul Lee Walenciak; Max Ray Walenciak; Don Ray Walenciak; Robert Wayne Walenciak; Ron Joe Brothy; Terry Joe Kirkland; Paula Charlene Yarbray; Lura Faye Buller; John David Walenciak; William M. Booth, Trustee under the Will of Leland Booth, Deceased; F.J. Springer; Frances Jean Scheulein; Robert Hill; Carrol Ann Morris; Larry M. DeLozier; J.M. DeLozier (a/k/a Joseph M. DeLozier); G.G. Lucas; John R. Malone; Sonat Exploration Co.; Dolly J. Lemcke; L.T. McEwen; Ethel Mae McEwen; John W. Bell; Ruth Ann Bell; Ralph Wilson; Ruth Wilson; Kenneth Manwell (a/k/s Kenneth West Manwell); Patrick Jelenick ; Katherine R. Jelenick; Lewis H. Hatfield (a/k/a Lewis Homer Hatfield); Wayne N. Phillips; Margaret A. Phillips; FDIC as Receiver for Penn Square Bank. N.A.; Federal Depositors Insurance; Cecil Richard Manwell; Boise C. Mears; Zelma Skillern; Lillian Ivey; Michael Standley Mears (s/p/a Standley Michael Mears); Janis Smith; Marlyn Mears; Justin Mears; Robert E. Ivey; Anna S. Poggemeier; Herman E. Lehde, Jr.; Judith E. Lehde; Delphine M. Mullen; Allen T. Mullen; Ruth Bremer; Alvin R. Bremer; Juanita V. Meinzen; Luther M. Meinzen; Ella Eden; George Steinigeweg; Willis F. Poggemeier; Judith A. Poggemeier; Orville Meyer; Arlie Meyer; Selma Meyer Smith; Bobby L. Bauer; Dennis Bauer; David Bauer; Chester W. Bauer; Charlotte Bauer Walker; Mary Martha Bauer; George Underwood; Judy Tanner Cooper; Charles Tanner; Helen Christine Elliot; Harry Eugene Magafos; Jack Guest; Patricia Guest; Tony Ruzycki; Ester L. Ruzycki (a/k/a Ester LaVerne Ruzycki); Louis Atamanczyk; Southwestern Bell Telephone Company Real Estate Division; Walter Ruzycki; Nellie Ruzycki; The Dolese Company; Clarel S. Trosper; James W. Whitt, Jr.; Linda Sue Whitt Anderson; Michael Whitt; Robert Kenneth Whitt; Henry T. Love; Patricia Anne Love; Elveta Clark; Lawrence McCracken; Marion Ruth McCracken; Hazel D. Craddock; Rachael Y. McDonald; Jessie Reich Bouse (a/k/a Jessie Maurine Bouse); Edythe Bonebrake, or, if deceased, the Heirs and/or Devisees of the Estate of Edythe Bonebrake (a/k/a Edythe Bonebrake Hampton and Mary Edythe and Mary Edythe

Bonebrake and Edythe Robert); J. …

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