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Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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No. P-84-271

In the District Court of Oklahoma County, State of Oklahoma.

In the Matter of the Estate of Vernon E. Pellow, Jr., Deceased.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Richard B. Pellow, Personal Representative of the Estate of Vernon E. Pellow, Jr., Deceased (hereinafter called ``Personal Representative``), has made return to this Court of, and presented for confirmation, the sale made by the Personal Representative to The Liberty National Bank and Trust Company of Oklahoma City under power of sale granted in the Last Will and Testament of Vernon E. Pellow, Jr., Deceased (hereinafter called ``Decedent``), of the following described real property situated in the State of Oklahoma:

All of the interest of the decedent, Vernon E. Pellow, in and to the following property:

County, Well Name and Legal Description: Beaver: Riley Tracy #1, Sec 24-4N-23ECM; Caddo: Waterbury 1-26, Sec 26-9N-9W; Canadian: Broderson, Sec 16-12N-9W; Kostruha #1, Sec 3-11N-9W; Louis Rice 23-1, Sec 23-13N-6W; Mayberry 17-2, Sec 17-12N-9W; McClain 1-14, Sec 14-13N-6W; P Wilds 24-1, Sec 24-13N-7W; Robberson 10-1, Sec 10-10N-5W; Robberson 10-2, Sec 10-10N-5W; Robberson 10-3, Sec 10-10N-5W; Robberson 10-4, Sec 10-10N-5W; Robberson 10-5, Sec 10-10N-5W; Robberson 10-7, Sec 10-10N-5W; Robberson 10-8, Sec 10-10N-5W; Robberson 14-1, Sec 14-10N-5W; Robberson 14-3, Sec 14-10N-5W; Robberson 14-5, Sec 14-10N-5W; Robberson 14-7, Sec 14-10N-5W; Robberson 15-1, Sec 15-10N-5W; Robberson 15-3, Sec 15-10N-5W; Robberson 15-5, Sec 15-10N-5W; Robberson 33-1, Sec 33-11N-5W; Robberson 3-2, Sec 3-10N-5W; Vontungeln 12-1, Sec 12-11N-8W; Wittkopp 1, Sec 6-

11N-7W; Carter: Buck 17-1, Sec 17-5S-2W; Carter 14-1, Sec 14-

1S-3W; Don Mitchell 2-1, Sec 2-1S-3W; Hooks 12-1, Sec 12-

1S-3W; Hunsucker 11-1, Sec 11-

1S-3W; Hunsucker 11-3, Sec 11-

1S-3W; Hunsucker 11-4, Sec 11-1S-3W; Keith 34-1, Sec 34-

5S-2W; London 11-1, Sec 11-1S-

3W; Mitchell, AB 12-1, Sec 12-

1S-3W; Monson 35-2, Sec 35-5S-2W; Monson 35-3, Sec 35-

5S-2W; Sloan 20-1, Sec 20-5S-

2W; Smith 14-1, Sec 14-1S-3W; Sullivan 27-1, Sec 27-5S-2W; Wagnon 2-1, Sec 2-1S-3W; Ellis: Lowery 23-1, Sec 23-20N-23W; Garfield: Baldwin 34-2, Sec 34-

23N-6W; Beggs 27-2, Sec 27-

23N-6W; Humphrey 34-2, Sec 34-23N-6W; Garvin: Ringerwood 10-2, Sec 10-1N-3W; Ringerwood 10-3, Sec 10-1N-3W; Ringerwood 10-4, Sec 10-1N-3W: Grady: Schroeder 23-1, Sec 23-

10N-5W; Love: Wilson 30-1, Sec 30-6S-1W; McClain: Boles 20-2, Sec 20-7N-4W; Davis 16-2, Sec 16-7N-4W; Stephens: Creel 32-1, Sec 32-2N-5W; Gleghorn 32-1, Sec 32-2N-5W; Gleghorn 32-2, Sec 32-2N-5W; Strain 1-33, Sec 33-2N-5W. …

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