Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Cases before the District Court

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Cases before the District Court

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DIVORCE Received 6-8-88

FD-88-3302 - David Lynn Blevins vs Cynthia Blevins; Gar Graham atty; assg Judge Kelley.

FD-88-3757 - Don Dorn Jr vs Toni Lynn Dorn; Gar Graham atty; assg Judge Harbour.

FD-88-3759 - Kevin W McLemore vs D'Lila D McLemore; Richard Morris atty; assg Judge Harbour.

FD-88-3761 - Cassandra A Harmon vs Waymon Swanegan Sr; pet to determine paternity, etc; John C Forbes (MidW Cy) atty; assg Judge Jackson.

FD-88-3762 - Dept of Human Servs.

FD-88-3764 - Drueada Johnson vs Michael B Sangster; recip from Wayne County, State of Michigan, etc; NAI; assg Judge (no judge indic).

FD-88-3766 & FD-88-3767 - Dept of Human Servs.

FD-88-3768 - Carolyn Ann Walker vs James Stanley Walker; pro se; assg Judge Kelley.

FD-88-3769 - Bob McQueen vs Thelma L McQueen; pro se; assg Judge Bragg.

FD-88-3770 - Rex McLauchlin vs Donna McLauchlin; real prop at 3509 N Kentucky, Oklahoma City, OK, etc; Arnold D Fagin atty; assg Judge Bragg.

FD-88-3771 - Joyce Jones vs Mathew Glen Jones Sr; Gale F Smith (Edmond) atty; assg Judge Bragg.

FD-88-3772 - Pamela Lee Addison vs Richard Paul Addison; Robert G Boren atty; assg Judge Bragg. (atty lien claimed).

FD-88-3773 - Cathy Rose Mullikin vs Edwin Randall Mullikin; Bob G Carpenter atty; assg Judge Harbour.

FD-88-3774 - Iva Lee Baxter vs Roy Owen Baxter Jr; real prop L1 B1 in McGee Addition, Oklahoma County, OK, aka 6501 Pearl, Wheatland, OK, etc; pro se; assg Judge Harbour.

FD-88-3776 - Deborah Gale Naim vs Maurice Naim; Judith A Geeson atty; assg Judge Jackson.

FD-88-3777 - Linda Carol Taremi vs Ali Reza Taremi; Judith A Geeson atty; assg Judge Harbour.

FD-88-3778 - Joelyn Stills vs Danny L Stills; Irven R Box atty; assg Judge Jackson. …

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