Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Docket

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Docket

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TUESDAY JULY 5, 1988 JUDGE RAKESTRAW 9:00 A.M. P-88-246 - Est of Schaffer (R Swan).

P-88-1066 - Det of Harkins (T Wakley).

P-88-1074 - Est of Howard (A Fagin).

P-88-1098 - Est of Mamby (Morgan & Morgan).

P-85-1001 - Est of Scott (D Walker).

P-88-1032 - Est of Diaz (E Warner).

P-88-1141 - Est of Tate (J Angus).

P-88-1142 - Gdn of Tate (J Angus).

P-88-1143 - Est of Tate (J Angus).

10:00 A.M. P-87-1673 - Est of Thedford (M Thom).

1:30 P.M. P-88-1151 - Gdn of Montgomery (E Schuster).

P-88-839 - Est of Johnson (L Stargell).

P-87-1730 - Est of Duncanson (J Goodman).

P-87-189 - Est of Allender (J Goodman).

P-87-897 - Est of Lewis (R Dale Kimsey).

P-88-1075 - Est of Marks (T Hammett).

P-88-1078 - Est of Scott (NAI).

P-88-1090 - Det of Everett (G Shores).

P-88-1109 - Det of Bucek (B Hays).

P-87-1568 - Est of Volanek (J Eberle).

P-87-718 - Est of Juliach (J Eberle).

2:00 P.M. P-86-801 - Est of Brown (L Barker).

WEDNESDAY JULY 6, 1988 JUDGE RAKESTRAW 9:00 A.M. P-88-1111 - Est of Baggerly (R Shadid).

P-82-1644 - Est of Car (L Barber).

P-87-637 - Con of Devinna (R Mock).

P-88-1010 - Con of Cummings (J Forbes).

P-88-1021 - Est of Snell (NAI).

P-87-638 - Est of Ricks (J Chandler).

P-85-2057 - Est of Electra (B Moore).

P-88-1097 - Est of Thomas (D Brown).

P-88-1101 - Gdn of Jones (G Rhodes).

P-88-1100 - Gdn of Wilson (W Griffin).

P-88-860 - Est of Flippo (W Griffin).

P-88-910 - Est of Grofe (D Windom).

10:00 A.M. P-48196 - Est of Dye (G Michael Blessington). …

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