Oklahoma City Workers Compensation Court Docket

Article excerpt

WORKERS COMP TUESDAY AUGUST 23, 1988 JUDGE CASHION 9:00 A.M. 87-21748F - Sasndra Bernadean Richardson (William Thetford) vs Bell Petroleum Prods Co. (State Insurance Fund).

86-00214Q - Jerry Clyde Whiting (Harley Venters) vs Manpower (CNA, Insurance Co., Thad Groom).

86-024884 - Gary Hayden (E. Wayne Keller) vs Harper Wholesale Meat (Royal Insurance Co., William Wiley Jr.).

85-17550X - Elizabeth Mae Thompson (G. Saunders, John Oldfield) vs Quality Care, Inc. (Federal Insurance Co., Paul Fernald).

88-04795X - Susan Kay Sarratt (Sidney Musser) vs Taco (Cigna Dale Remington).

87-14187L - Beth C. Edmondson (Fred Boettcher) vs Mercury Marine (Sentry Insurance A. Mutual Co., Chris Sturm).

88-01676F - Ronald D. Hill (Fred Boettcher) vs Sonoco Products (American Motorists Ins. Co., Mike Coker).

87-11603F - Judith K. Green (W. Wayne Keller) vs Dept of Human Services (State Insurance Fund).

87-15808J - Ronald Larry Roper (Jerry Bryan) vs OG&E (Own Risk, Gary Long).

86-04185K - Walter J. Boess (Sam Townley, Larry Monard) vs Apollo Counter Tops (Great Plains Casualty Corp., Bill Sparks, Charles Wadsack).

86-16877J - Willie Odis Butler (Mark Clark) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only.

86-14981K - Nellie Jones (Sidney Musser) vs Mannie & The Newborns (State Insurance Fund).

JUDGE LYNN 9:00 A.M. 87-16048K - Janice Susan Payne (Landon Westbrook) vs Kentucky Fried Chicken (Own Risk, Milton Moon, Mark Sandford).

87-13942L - Monty Dean Dunn (G. Saunders) vs B & B Tools, (National Union Fire Ins. Co., K. David Roberts).

87-20026L - Sharon Sue Arnett (William Murphy Jr.) vs South Community Hospital (Own Risk, Paul Scott).

86-17947K - Myrtle M. Kimbrough (Hilbert Douglas, John Sprowls) vs Raintree Motor Inn (Own Risk, Milton Moon).

81-14567X - In the Matter of the Death of Thomas Wayne Hendricks Sheilia Joy Hendricks (Mike Lawter, Kevin Buchanan) vs Methaine Oil Company (State Insurance Company).

86-10239F - Bobbie London (Fred Boedttcher) vs Geri-Care Inc. (Aetna Casualty and Surety Co., William Wiles Jr.).

88-02442J - Paul Lawrence (Fred Boettcher) vs Lawrence Construction (Security National Insurance Co., Richard Hornbeck).

86-09891K - Gina Marie Mitchell (Fred Boettcher) vs Larry Wycoff DVM (Kansas City Fire & Marine Ins., Jim Cheek, dba Blackwell Animal Hospital).

87-22349Y - Sherry L. Crandell (William Abney Jr.) vs The Choice Restaurant (State Insurance Fund).

87-09188A - Broderick L. Jackson (James Taylor) vs Lewis Management (United States Fid. & Guar. Co., John Oldfield).

87-14523L - Vernon R. Burrows (Gary Blevins) vs Dewees Pole Cons.t (State Insurance Fund).

85-17228A - Janet Marie Kennedy (Anita Sanders) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only.

87-01551A - Tim J. Turk (Douglas Hilbert) vs Spec. Indemnity Fund Only.

86-22550H - James Shriver (Marcia Davis) vs Southwestern Bill (Own Risk, Rose Sloan).

88-10632K - In the Matter of the Death of Rex Lester Lane. (Cherry Pearl Lane. (No Atty, Cert Notice). vs Mobil Exploration & Producing (Natl. Union Fire, John Ballard).

JUDGE GURICH 9:00 A.M. 88-03244R - Tom Short (Fred Boettcher) vs City of Ponca City, (Own Risk, John Oldfield).

87-15417Q - Gary McClasky (Craig Dawkins) vs Bodard & Hale (Mid Contnent Casualty Co., Michelin Delier).

87-19059J - Jess Price (Craig Dawkins) vs Jess Price (&/or Sherlock Holmes Ltd, Maryland Casualty, Robert Boone, &/or No Card, Cert Notice.)

86-01778Q - Luther Edmond Walker (Henry Nichols, Ray Don Jackson) vs Dean Drilling Co. (State Insurance Fund).

88-00760A - Steven L. Bowen (Silas Wolf Jr.) vs City of Enid (Own Risk, Bryce Kennedy).

88-02407X - Lonnie W. Gray (Gary Blevins) vs McKesson Office Products (Own Risk, Richard Mason). …


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