Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

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PROBATE PROCEEDINGS Received 9-15-88 P-88-20 - In Re Wilcoxson; pub affi.

P-88-98 - Est of Wilson; same.

P-88-120 - Gdn of Rahill; same.

P-88-167 - Gdn of Cowan; same.

P-88-221 - Est of Setari; same.

P-88-277 - Est of Estus; same.

P-88-278 - Est of Hamill; same.

P-88-369 - Est of Brown; same.

P-88-1086 - Est of Wyatt et al; same.

P-88-1640 - Est of Nguyen: appt, not, letters, ord, ord.

P-87-567 - Est of Allen; ord, not.

P-88-1345 - Det of death of Wolfenbarger; ord nunc pro tunc.

P-88-1577 - Gdn of Schuessler; ord, letter.

P-85-1101 - Gdn of Nash; ord & not of hrng on 9-30-88 at 1:30 P.M., finl acct.

P-88-325 - Est of Whitting; claim bill.

P-88-744 - Est of Duncan; finl acct, ord rel OTC.

P-84-961 - Est of Hackler; affi.

P-88-1605 - Est of Bridwell; pub affi.

P-88-1602 - Est of Smith: same.

P-88-1601 - Est of Reynolds; same.

P-88-1599 - In Re buerger; same.

P-88-1598 - Det of Death of Smith; same.

P-88-1596 - Det of Death of Scrivner; same.

P-88-1496 - Est of Ellis; same.

P-88-1028 - Est of Frank; same.

P-87-2233 - Est of Kuzmic; same.

P-87-1368 - Gdn of White; same.

P-88-957 - Est of Gray; gen inventory & appraisement, annual or final acct.

P-88-1637 - Est of Smith; ord & not for hrng on 9-27-88 at 9 am.

P-81-2330 - Gdn of Shankle; final receipt.

P-87-2212 - Estof Fogle; ord.

P-87-1431 - Est of Delay; letters.

P-80-301 - Gdn of Brooks; alias not of hrng, applic.

P-85-2135 - Gdnof Brooks; alias ord, applic.

P-83-331 - In re Robinson; pldg.

P-88-1402 - Est of Harrison; first amend pet.

P-88-520 - Est of Simmon; ord & not for hrng on 10-14-88 at 1:30 pm, final acct, pet for ord.

P-81-2330 - Gdn of Shankle; gdns discharge.

P-88-622 - Est of Jenkins; report.

P-88-1434 - Est of Williams; ord for hrng on 9-14-88 at 9 am, consent & waiver.

P-88-1034 - Est of Campbell; final dec.

P-84-1408 - Gdn of Farber; affi, ord.

P-88-191 - Est of Wood; minute ent not of cont.

P-88-1318 - Est of Will; final acct & pet.

P-88-1434 - Est of Williams; consent & waiver (2), ord (2)

P-87-1686 - Est of Morgan; ord. …

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