Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

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DIVORCE Received 10-12-88

FD-88-5385 - Krost; ord.

FD-88-2339 - Wade; ord.

Fd-88-5902 - Bruce R Leaf vs Lisa D Leaf.

JFD-88-6538 - Seales; appear.

JFD-88-6538 - Carol Ann Seales vs Jerry Dean Seales.

FD-88-4733 - Norma Jean Garrett vs Solomon Ward Garrett..

FD-88-6712 - Roberta Belford vs Harold J Belford.

FD-88-5332 - Guethle; journal entry.

FD-88-4640 - Hotze; ord.

FD-88-6184 - Walters; ord.

FD-88-4772 - Phan; journal entry.

FD-88-6675 - Dotson; waiver.

FD-87-6572 - Cantrell; ord.

FD-88-5960 - Jackie L Shorter vs Shelia L Shorter.

FD-88-1419 - Shirley Sue Brumley vs Arlion Dean Brumley.

FD-86-6571 - Harris; ord.

FD-88-6675 - Dotson; ord.

FD-88-6393 - Yeager; transcript of ruling.

FD-87-2497 - Waltes; transcript of hearing.

FD-86-8610 - Gates; transcript of hearing.

FD-88-5770 - Cynthia Dale Mann vs John Roy Mann.

FD-88-6381 - Martin Lee Smith vs Sharon kaye Smith.

FD-87-2486 - Cole; rel and satis of judg.

FD-88-5191 - No st-le indicated; journal entry of judg.

FD-87-8525 - Broomfield; journal entry of judg.

FD-88-6051 - Kerby; journal entry.

FD-88-3637 - Lesia Katherine Norris vs Gregory Lynn Norris..

FD-88-5949 - Valerie Bear vs John Bear.

FD-88-6212 - Stewart; writ of habeas corpus.

JFD-88-6467 - Shondra J Jones vs Michael Earl Jones. …

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