Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Personal X-Ray Imager to Be Marketed Soon / Designed by Oklahomans

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Personal X-Ray Imager to Be Marketed Soon / Designed by Oklahomans

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Buyers for the Oklahoma-designed and built Personal X-Ray Imager (PXI 512) have an unusual opportunity to set the standard for future use, said John Blackwell, president of Oklahoma Digital Technologies Inc., 2220 NW 113 Place.

"We're at the point right now," said Blackwell, "where the first couple of units we sell we'll customize the program, everything about them to fit the buyers' exact needs.

"After we get going good, we may not have time for that opportunity."

First units are expected on the market within a month, said Blackwell, for his company recently received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to market the new computers.

Because the PXI 512 is designed specifically for the medical market, FDA approval was required before the machine could be shown to prospective buyers.

The PXI 512 is designed to digitize, store and transmit X-ray photographs as well as other pictures and documents via telephone line.

"When we designed this unit," he said, "we thought of a low-end unit for the small user, the small medical clinic or hospital.

"Most of the other similar units now on the market cost a lot more than ours, so we figured ours would be more readily accepted in this area.

"However, the more we get into the research and development of this particular technology, we're finding it can be adapted to numerous other industries."

Among those he mentioned were automotive parts operations where exploded views of parts were needed and for quality control.

Connecting the PXI 512 with a sonar or X-ray machine in an assembly line, Blackwell said, would allow a quick check of all manufactured units. Sonar or X-ray samples of a good part could be digitized and stored in the memory banks and then could be compared with other parts on the assembly line for a quick quality control inspection, he sid.

The big problem right now, Blackwell said, is getting the unit on the market. …

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