Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Oklahoma City Workers Compensation Court Docket

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Oklahoma City Workers Compensation Court Docket

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WORKERS' COMPENSATION TUES., OCT. 25, 1988 JUDGE CASHION 9:00 A.M. TAKE NOTICE: The following cases will be tried before Judge Cashion at the designated time or as soon as possible thereafter.

87-12786X - In the matter of the death of Charles B Seale, Pauleta M Seal (W D Hart Jr) vs C K C Well Servicing (United General Insurance &/or Great Global Assurance &/or Kim Parrish, #Gary Sleeper, Michael Coker.

JUDGE CROSS 9:00 A.M. 88-05339Y - Romona Annett Hunt (Richard Bell) vs Fountain Industries (United States Fid & Guar Co, Charles Neal Jr).

88-08629A - In the matter of the death of Kenneth Ray Tucker, Maxine Kathleen Tucker (Richard Bell) vs McKee Construction (State Insurance Fund &/or General Accident, Dan Caldwell).

88-09675Q - Bron D Coussens (Fred Boettcher) vs Safeway (Own Risk, Dale Remington).

88-06601A - Glenda R Horn (John Luton) vs Wrangler (Liberty Mutual Insurance Co, Jeff Dasovich).

88-10509Y - Donny Humes (Sidney Musser) vs Hunt Masonry Contractors (Truck Insurance Exchange, H A Carter).

88-07871K - Rasialie H Young (Tom Sullivan) vs Sullivans Restaurant (American, H A Carter).

87-20070H - Rick Jason Wood (Wesley Johnson) vs Douglas King DBA King Const Co (No Card, Gary Prochaska &/or St Paul Ins, James Ferguson).

88-07993H - Severiano E Deras (Wesley Johnson) vs General Motors Corp (Own Risk, Mark Duvall).

88-05886X - Dale D Worley (Wyatt, Austin & Assoc) vs Strain Seed & Grain Co (State Insurance Fund).

87-13971K - Thoams V Bauer (Marcia Davis) vs General Motors (Own Risk, Jennie McLean).

86-07956R - Jerry D Fleener (James McNeeley) vs George Harless (Commercial Union Assurance, Maryann Kelly, #William Brogdan).

87-19381F- Steven L Taylor (Patrick Ryan) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only.

85-08881X - Davis R Harrison (William Vassar, James Potts) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only.

88-01582A - Troy Dame (Wyatt, Austin & Assoc) vs Longhorn Trucking (Own Risk, Richard Mason &/or Indep Freightway Inc (INWAY), No Card, Lou Ann Ables, Gary Sleeper.

JUDGE LYNN 9:00 A.M. 87-09943L - Nathaniel James (Richard Bell) vs TOSCO (Hartford Insurance Group, Chris Sturm).

88-04845R - Wanda F Chedester (Richard Bell) vs Duncan Manufacturing (Employers Nat'l, Jeff Dasovich).

87-14835K - Claude D Asbery (Richard Bell) vs Blue Bonnett Milling Co (Fidelity & Gauranty Insurance, John McCaleb).

87-14547A - Roy Laster (Fred Boettcher) vs Advace Meat Co (Own Risk, Chris Sturm).

87-15919Q - Gloria Ann England (Antony Link) vs Temple Manufacturing (Employers' Nat'l Insurance Co, Jeff Dasovich).

87-01226K - Berlin Wayne Bowen (Robert Forbes) vs Transcon (Liberty Mutual Insurance Co, Jeff Dasovich).

88-06141X - Larry D Spangler (Jack Zurawik) vs Lease Way-Automotive Transp (Allstate Insurance Co, Jerry Holland).

87-17860A - Kerry R Ward (John Forbes) vs TJ Campbell Construction Co (Libery Mutual Insurance Co, Jeff Dasovich).

88-09273J - Yvonne Hawk Verjan (Joe Farnan) vs Elk City Nursing Home (Own Risk, Chris Sturm).

86-12009L - Sandra Gay Stamps (Brett Bynum) vs Ted's Payless (United States Fire Ins Co, Harry Palmer Jr).

88-10087X - Keith R Martin (William Murphy Jr) vs Edmond Motor Freight Inc (Own Risk, Chris Sturm).

88-10396F - Lethel Smith (E Keller) vs Consolidated Freightways (Own Risk, Michael Coker).

86-02880R - Kenneth D Teague (Brett Bynum) vs Charles Komar & Sons (State Insurance Fund).

87-01872A - In the matter of the death of Russell Lester Brownen, Orby T Brownen, (Paul Fister, Thomas Woody) vs Robert J Stotts Co (State Insurance Fund).

86-20987Q - James Lenard Whitaker (John Sprowls) vs M & W Diesel Service (No Card, Robert Rennie).

JUDGE GURICH 9:00 A.M. 88-03857A - Tressa Snodgrass (Richard Bell) vs Motel 6 (National Union Fire Ins Co, &/or Cigna, Henry Nichols). …

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