Corporation Commission

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NOTICE OF HEARING Cause CD No. 147,334

Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: Park Avenue Exploration Corporation. Relief Sought: Pooling. Land Covered: NW/4 of Section 11, Township 12 North, Range 3 West, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.

THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA: To the following parties, if living; or if deceased, then their unknown heirs, devisees, executors, administrators, successors, trustees, and/or assigns; or, the unknown successors, trustees or assigns, if any, of any dissolved corporation, or the unknown successors of any party designated in any record as trustee: Wirtaine F. Sparks; Jo Sue Starkweather; Cartelyou Edwards and Regina Edwards, husband and wife; Regina Edwards; James H. Allen and Barbara L. Allen, husband and wife; Wallace Robert Owens and Lynna Florence Owens, husband and wife; Charles Burton, Jr. and Barbara Ann Burton, husband and wife; Charles H. Atkins and Hannah D. Atkins, husband and wife; Willie Jones and Ella Mae Jones, husband and wife; Fred Mills; Charles W. Edwards and Linda E. Edwards, husband and wife; John L. Ellis and Ceola O. Ellis, husband and wife; Earlee Sanders and Lessie Sanders, husband and wife; Morgensen Company; Dean Morgensen; Doris J. Kelly and James L. Kelly, wife and husband; Donald E. Burns and Barbara M. Burns, husband and wife; Philander W. Glover and John Evelyn Glover, husband and wife; Walter Slaughter and Ella L. Slaughter, husband and wife; Gary M. Moore, M.D.; Charles D. Fisher and Winnifred V. Fisher, husband and wife; Sammie T. Davis & Yvonne Davis, husband and wife; Forest L. Mounts and Marguerite J. Mounts, husband and wife; Saleema Rauf Muhammad; Lottie Kimmelstiel; Bruce W. Burleigh, M.D. and Susan R. Burleigh, husband and wife; Dessie A. Edwards; James A. Brown and Marlene K. Brown, husband and wife; Richard O. Brown and Joycelyn V. Brown, husband and wife; Larry F. Brannon and Barbara J. Brannon, husband and wife; Corlandus Lang, Jr. and Juanicezetta Lang, husband and wife; Elvia L. Bratcher, a/k/a Elvia Louise Bratcher and Melanie Emma Bratcher; Med Cashion, Jr. and Kathryn S. Cashion; Ester Thompson and Joan Thompson, husband and wife; Herbert H. Hundon and Odelia Hundon, husband and wife; Wardell Lee and Mary L. Lee, husband and wife; Lonzo W. Madison and Bettie L. Madison, husband and wife; James F. Langmack and Jewell G. Langmack, husband and wife; Victor Elmer Graham and Lois Marie Graham, husband and wife; Robbie Lee Thompson, single and Ralph Russell, Rickey and Odessa Rickey, husband and wife; Martha Blaine; Ed. L. Klein; Terrence E. Riggs, single; James A. Hathorn and Adelina A. Hathorn, husband and wife; Richard B. Dawson, a/k/a R.B. Dawson, and Nancy Dawson, a/k/a Nancy L. Dawson, husband and wife; Shirley E. White and Mary Frances White, husband and wife; Gulf Oil Corporation; Chevron USA, Inc.; Marilyn Vieth and Emanuel Vieth, wife and husband, a/k/a Marilyn Veith and Emanuel Veith, wife and husband; Texaco, Inc.; Oklahoma Industries Authority, an Oklahoma Public Trust; Neva L. Osborne; Paul R. Boyd; Rodger R. Rudkin, a/k/a Rodger Ray Rudkin; Terry K. Rudkin, Terry Keith Rudkin; Oklahoma City Industrial and Cultural Facilities Trust; Lucille Mideke; Stephen J. Murray; El Paso/Front Range-Oklahoma Limited Partnership; H.A. Carter, III; H.A. Bud Carter and Mary G. Carter, husband and wife; J. Cecil Rudkin and Ruby Rudkin, husband and wife; Jessie Rudkin; Jessie R. Rudkin; Myrtle Rudkin Flowers; Paul W. Rudkin; Jean Rudkin and Frances L. Rudkin, husband and wife; Oklahoma County; The City of Oklahoma City, a Municipal Corporation; Chesapeake Investments, an Oklahoma General Partnership; Matthew L. Wheatley and John E. Wheatley, d/b/a Wheatley Gas, a partnership; TLW Investments, Inc.; Toland & Johnston, Inc.; Shawver & Son, Inc.; Federal Resources Corporation; Edward A. Miller, d/b/a Miller Oil & Gas Investments; Fina Oil & Chemical Company; Snyder-Fullbright Company; Leon Washington and Lyndella Washington, husband and wife; Harold F. …


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