Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Warranty Deeds

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Warranty Deeds

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WARRANTY DEEDS Received 11-18-88 126650 - FirsTier Mtg Co to Steel Construction & Contracting Service Inc, $1, L14 B5 Gatewood Addn, OKC. RS $37.50. Retn 300 N Meridian, OKC.

126653 - Russell D Burkhalter et al to Tommy J Hubbard Jr et ux, $10, L18 B4 Roxboro Sec 1 Addn, OKC. RS $84.00. Retn 12301 N MacArthur, No 1609, OKC.

126674 - Valley Developers Ltd to Handcraft Homes Inc, $10, L7 B7 The Valley Sec I Addn, OKC. RS $18.00. Retn 8420 NW 111th St, OKC.

126675 - William Wheeler Finch III et ux to Nadine B Tolley, 1, L27 B5 Northridge Addn, OKC. RS $52.50. Retn 5928 N Sterling Dr, OKC.

126682 - First Okla Bank & Trust Co of Edmond to RGD Building Co Ltd, $10, L12 B2 North Creek Estates Addn, Edm. RS $38.00. Retn 304 N Meridian, No 20, OKC.

126683 - Columbia First Fed S&L Assoc to Eugene C York Jr, $10, L28 B12 Epperly Hgts 6th Addn. RS $30.00. REtn 3605 SE 26th St, Del City.

126684 - Donald Floyd Herndon et ux to David Bryant et ux, $10, L11 B18 Rambling Acres Sec II Addn, OKC. RS $79.50. Retn 8619 Rambling Rd, OKC.

126685 - Burl Williams to Steven W Hermen, $10, pt L11 B2 Riviera Country Club Sec 2 Addn. RS $124.50. Retn 6119 Riviera Dr, OKC.

126686 - Mark B Clasby et ux to Danny W Smith et ux, $10, L5 B20 Sec 6 Blue Stem Lake Addn, OKC. RS $441.75. Retn 6225 Cypress Groye, OKC.

126687 - David L Terry et ux to Paul Everett Brown et ux, $10, L16 B4 Heritage Hgts Addn, OKC. RS $108.75. Retn 14113 Mount Vernon, Edm.

126701 - NCNB Natl Bank of North Carolina to John S Struble et ux, $10, L15 B27 Country Estates 7th Addn, MWC. RS $28.50. Retn 2520 Murray Dr, MWC.

126702 - Barry Lynn Wiles Sr et ux to Larry D Wiles et ux, $10, L11 B6 2nd amended plat of Rotary Park Addn, OKC. Retn 1740 SW 19th St, OKC.

126703 - James R McEldowney to James R McEldowney et ux, $10, L2 B44 Nichols Hills Addn. Retn PO Box 26360, OKC.

126705 - Kimberly Ann Mullins fka Dupus et al to Sec Housing & Urban Dev, $1, L19 B5 Swan Lake Addn, Edm. Retn 304 N Meridian, Ste 24, OKC.

126712 - Nell L McDonald et ux to John Earl Shinn, $10, L22 & 23 B6 Guernsey Park Place Addn, OKC. RS $30.00. Retn 525 NW 24th, OKC.

126713 - A & H Homes Inc to George C Miller et ux, $10, L8 B2 The Eagles Addn, OKC. RS $99.00. Retn 8128 Timothy Lane, OKC.

126714 - FNMA to Sotero Montoya et ux, $10, pt L40 L41 pt L42 B28 Packinghouse View Addn, OKC. RS $25.50. Retn 4017 SW 28th St, OKC.

126715 - FNMA to James Ross Porter et ux, $10, L36 B19 P B Odom's South Penn 4th Addn, OKC. …

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