Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Forcible Entry & Detainer Docket

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Forcible Entry & Detainer Docket

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FORCIBLE ENTRY AND DETAINER DOCKET JUDGE HOWARD WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 30, 1988 9:00 A.M. SPECIAL Filed 11-21-88 SC-88-17018 - Quail Lakes Apts vs William C Boker et al.

SC-88-17019 - The Invitational Apts vs Robert Cassill & Stacy Wilson et al.

SC-88-17021 - The Oaks Apts vs Betty Farris et al.

SC-88-17027 - Potomac House Apts vs Jimmie & Linda Grant et al.

SC-88-17028 - same vs William D Lofton et al.

SC-88-17029 - same vs James M Basham et al.

SC-88-17030 - same vs Beverly J Strawder et al.

SC-88-17031 - same vs Kelly Cunningham & Debra Hargis et al.

SC-88-17032 - same vs Kim S Reeves et al.

SC-88-17033 - Canterbury Gardens Apts vs Weldon L & Elaine A Hanning et al.

SC-88-17034 - Potomac House Apts vs Venita L Valle et al.

SC-88-17035 - same vs Michael L Kilbourn et al.

SC-88-17036 - same vs Mary Hines et al.

SC-88-17037 - Canterbury Gardens Apts vs Diana Cavazos et al.

SC-88-17038 - Potomac House Apts vs Floy Haile et al.

SC-88-17039 - Canterbury Gardens Apts vs Rick J & Marla Myers et al.

SC-88-17040 - Potomac House Apts vs Alfreda Fenner et al.

SC-88-17041 - Canterbury Gardens Apts vs Vicki Rocha et al.

SC-88-17042 - Potomac House Apts vs Milton L & Carolyn Anderson et al.

SC-88-17043 - Canterbury Gardens Apts vs Jeff Smith & Nora Jones et al.

SC-88-17044 - Grecian Gardens Apts vs Darrin Monday & Billie Presson et al.

SC-88-17045 - Potomac House Apts vs Randy E & Brenda L Johnson et al.

SC-88-17046 - Grecian Gardens Apts vs Craig Gage & Karen S Giles et al.

SC-88-17047 - Potomac House Apts vs Frankie J Stubblefield et al.

SC-88-17048 - Oak Creek Apts vs David Marlatt & Pam Cole et al.

SC-88-17049 - Potomac House Apts vs Ted A Worley et al.

SC-88-17050 - Oak Creek Apts vs Richard J & Cathy A Rehl et al.

SC-88-17051 - Los Pueblos Apts vs Dennis A Combs & Lisa Orosco et al.

SC-88-17052 - Oak Creek Apts vs Paula L Rodgers et al. …

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