Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

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DIVORCE Received 1-26-89

FD-89-65 - Shurtleff; ent of appear & waiver.

FD-88-8572 - Robinson Sr; ent of appear.

FD-89-25 - Farshad; ans.

FD-88-2239 - Briskey; ord.

FD-89-181 - Goforth; ans & cross pet.

FD-88-8643 - Johnson; ans & counter-claim.

FD-88-8500 - Sanders; ans to cross-pet.

FD-88-8270 - Green; ans & cross-pet.

FD-88-8422 - Eckroat; ent of appear& waiver.

FD-88-8630 - Eckle III; ent of appear.

FD-88-8479 - Weber Jr; ent of appear & waiver.

FD-88-7953 - Gillispie; same.

FD-84-7103 - Whitmarsh; rel & satis of judg.

FD-88-8597 - Stevens; agreed temp ord.

FD-88-7953 - Jeanne Marie Gillispie vs O'Neal Renae Gillispie; dec of div.

FD-88-7953 - Gillispie; ord.

FD-88-8479 - Bernard Joseph Weber Jr vs Janice Sue Weber; agreed JE of judg dec of div.

FD-88-8422 - Eckroat; proposed child suppt.

FD-88-8422 - Celeste Parret Eckroat vs John Warren Eckroat; dec of div.

FD-88-460 - Smith; ord nunc pro tunc.

FD-88-7391 - Sparks; ord.

FD-88-6405 - Wilson; request, interrog.

FD-89-550 - Wilkerson; affi.

Fd-88-4751 - Moorer; brief, mot.

FD-88-2647 - Lewis; appl.

FD-87-2367 - Thornburg; appl.

FD-88-8576 - Simms; ans..

FD-88-8648 - Shaeffer vs Sharp; ans.

FD-88-7645 - Dilbeck; ans.

FD-88-8456 - Morris; entry of appear.

FD-89-107 - Kovelda: ans.

FD-89-316 - Johnson; entry of appear.

JFD-89-269 - Bentley; entry of appear.

FD-88-8493 - Spriggs; same.

JFD-89-439 - Weldon; entry of appear.

FD-89-116 - McCracken; entry of appear.

FD-89-45 - Vaghayenegar: entry of appear.

FD-89-324 - Randalls vs Murrya et al: entry of appear.

FD-88-2647 - Lewis; entry of appear.

FD-88-8437 - Offenbacher; entry of appear.

JFD-89-331 - Moore; entry of appear.

JFD-79-1788 - Morgan; journal entry..

JFD-81-5492 - Harrison: ord.

JFD-81-5492 - Harrison: ord.

JFD-83-3235 - Worley; appl..

FD-82-3313 - Brotherton: info for citation.

JFD-84-2489 - Terrie Brickey vs David Brickey.

JFD-84-2489 - Brickey; relations ord.

JFD-83-6530 - Rosser; ord.

JFD-81-2431 - Burke: jouranl entry.

JFD-73-6035 - Macias: ord.

JFD-82-5015 - Shoemakel ord.

JFD-81-8355 - Edwards; appear bond.

JFD-84-3569 - Mess; appear bond.

JFD-81-5492 - Harrison; ord. …

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