Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Summons & Returns

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Summons & Returns

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CS-86-5636 - Credit Adjustment Co vs Griffith: garnish affi.

CS-88-5757 - Same vs Brown; same.

CS-88-5574 - Credit Adjustment Co vs Watson; garnish affi.

CS-87-5617 - Citibank South Dakota vs Ferus et al; same.

CS-86-6711 - Purdue University vs Jacob et al; same.

CS-87-4241 - Credit Adjustment Co vs Watts; garnish affi.

CS-88-5059 - Same vs Johnson; same.

CS-88-8454 - Okla Gas and Electric vs Standifer; garnish affi.

CS-86-689 - Same vs Thomsa: garnish affi.

CS-88-2567 - Credit Adjustment Co vs Tatum; garnish affi.

CS-87-8504 - Same vs Jinks; garnish affi.

CS-88-6143 - Same vs Cohee; same.

CS-87-5510 - Okla Gas and Electric Co vs Adkins et al; same.

CS-87-6441 - Same vs Gist; garnish affi.

CS-89-74 - Thom and Hendrick et al vs Crosby; entry of appear.

CSC-87-82 - Schluterman vs Shelter Mutual Ins CO; ord.

CS-88-1485 - American Bank and Trust Co vs ypton: release.

CS-88-7408 - Hillcrest Osteopathic Hospital vs Rose; release.

CS-86-10382 - Credit Adjustment Co vs Cohee; ganrish affi.

CS-88-5773 - Credit Adjustment Co vs Roberts; garnish affi.

CS-87-5915 - Same vs Beville; same.

CS-87-6676 - Same vs Mattingly; same.

CS-86-9285 - Same vs Veasley: same.

CS-86-9285 - Same vs Veasley; same.

CS-87-6808 - Same vs Winslett; same.

CS-85-6306 - Okla Gas and Electric Co vs Graham; same.

CS-88-2984 - Credit Adjustment Co vsHammons; same.

CS-88-3009 - Same vs Johnson; same.

CS-88-7484 - Same vs Greer; same.

CS-88-6139 - Same vs Rawson; same.

CS-88-5589 - Same vs Brown et al; same.

CS-88-3002 - Same vs Jones; same.

CS-88-1807 - Same vs Kirk; same.

CS-88-7533 - Same vs Gaines; same.

CS-88-7555 - Household Finance Corp vs Wall et al: journal entry of judg.

CS-88-7302 - Montgomery Ward and Co vsBluitt et al; journal entry of default judg.

CS-88-5959 - Thompson vs MCP Inc et al; offer to allow judgement. …

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