Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

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PROBATE PROCEEDINGS Received 3-28-89 P-89-555 - Est of Coffman; pet.

P-89-555 - Est of Coffman: pet for letters of admin.

P-89-556 - Est of Robinson: pet for probate of will.

P-89-557 - Est of Roby: pet to jud det death of life tent.

P-89-558 - Det of Edwards: pet to jud det death & term tenancy of dec.

P-89-559 - Est of Scalph: pet for letters of admin.

P-89-544 - Est of Pratz: affi.

P-89-491 - Est of Prigmore: affi.

P-88-768 - Gdn of Ferrante: ord.

P-87-532 - Est of Wylie; pet for dischrg of per rep, final dischrg.

P-86-688 - Est of Joplin; ord nunc pro tunc.

P-88-1204 - Est of Cushin: ord rel OTC.

P-88-589 - Est of Harris: not (2).

P-89-559 - Est of Scalph; letters of admin, ord.

P-88-5 - Est of Hayden: gen inven & apprais.

P-89-0305 - Est of Clarke: ord.

P-88-70 - Est of Manous; obj to pet for letters of admin.

P-88-435 - Est of McDade; ord.

P-87-1646 - Est of Atwall; ord, applic.

P-89-0472 - Est of Hembree: not to cred, letters, ord.

P-89-0472 - Est of Hembree; affi of pub, ord.

P-89-0469 - Est of Coleman: affi.

P-89-554 - Est of Canada; ord & not for hrng on 4-10-89 at 9:00 a.m.

P-89-0469 - Est of Coleman; letters, ord, not to cred.

P-74-1521 - Gdn of Smythe: applic, ord (2).

P-89-0452 - Est of Farr; affi, appoint of agent, letters, ord, last will (2), ord nunc pro tunc, applic.

P-89-506 - In re Brown; certif of death (2).

P-88-1309 - Est of Keely: ord.

P-89-0460 - Est of Anderson: not, ord (2), letters, waiver of not.

P-89-351 - Est of Gossage; affi, ord.

P-88-667 - Est of Shannon: ord.

P-89-69 - Est of Petree; not to cred.

P-89-292 - Est of Lorraine: not to cred.

P-89-224 - Est of Gallion; pet to sell per prop.

P-89-0056 - Est of Warmoth: not to cred.

P-89-331 - Est of Jackson; affi.

P-89-0424 - Est of Shoulders; pet cont will.

P-88-1992 - Est of Hamman: en inven & apprais.

P-88-1268 - Est of McKee; ord (2).

P-85-1570 - Est of Tungeln: corr to ord nunc pro tunc.

P-88-1268 - Est of McKee; gen inven & apprais.

P-89-0122 - Est of Caesar; ord. …

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