Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Oklahoma City Workers Compensation Court Docket

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Oklahoma City Workers Compensation Court Docket

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WEDNESDAY JUNE 21, 1989 JUDGE CASHION 9:00 A.M. 88-11380F - Joseph Johnny Lukas (Robert Boone) vs Wilson Electric Motor Serv. (Own Rick, Chris Sturm).

88-10122K - Mary Gonzales (Mike Lawter) vs ABC Janitorial (State Insurance Fund).

87-05447X - Billy C. Owens, Sr. (Greg James, Bob Burke) vs Superior Paint Co. (Brotherhood Mutual Ins. Co., James Durant).

87-04434K - William B. Cash (Scott Beuch) vs Maguire Construction (United States Fid. & Guar. Co., John McCaleb).

88-19946X - Kim Self (Kenneth Brown) vs May Dept. Stores d/b/a (Own Risk, Mark Duvall, d/b/a Venture Stores).

88-10437Y - Connie Collier (Joseph Biscone) vs McKinley Prop. (State Insurance Fund).

87-12862A - Carolyn Sue Clayton (Mark Sanford) vs City of OKC `COTPA' (Own Risk, Richard Mason).

88-16325F - Vera Jean Jones (Douglas Hilbert) vs City of OKC (Own Risk, Richard Mason).

86-21767Y - Gilbert X. Martinez (Mike Lawter, Larth Kienzle, Robert Buck) vs Robberson Steel & Bridge Co. (Own Risk, Chris Sturm).

88-19341L - Sylvia Mossauer (Fred Boettcher) vs Conoco Inc. (Own Risk, John McCaleb).

87-04603Q - Mark E. Turner (Fred Boettcher) vs Spec. Indemnity Fund Only.

87-07362X - Edna M. Manigo (John Loughlin) vs Spec. Indemnity Fund Only.

88-5660L - Norman Courtney (Fred Boettcher) vs Conoco, Inc. (Own Risk, James Ferguson).

88-17040H - Christopher Arterberry (Mike Lawter) vs Leslie's Painted Desert (Own Risk, Mary Kelly).

JUDGE CROSS 9:00 A.M. 88-04163A - Pattie S. Gilbert (Mike Lawter) vs Harmon County Hospital (Intercontinental Insurance Co., Mike Coker, Dan Caldwell).

87-19912F - Rickey C. Wagner (Jack Barragree) vs Madewell Metal (State Insurance Fund).

88-16745X - Linda K. Underwood (Dale Remington) vs Concepts of Care Nursing (State Insurance Fund).

88-19930J - Gregory Dale Peoples (Gary Morris) vs Lear Siegler Indust. (National Union Fire, Richard Mason).

87-16287F - Roger Miller (Sidney Musser, J. Clark Russell, William Vassar) vs Nielsons (City Insurance Company, Cynthia Shdeed).

87-20070H - Rick Jason Wood (Wesley Johnson) vs Douglas King d/b/a King Const. Co. (No Card, Gary Prochaska, &/or St. Paul Insurance, James Ferguson).

88-05699H - Velma Butler (James Taylor) vs Mercy Hospital (Aetna Casualty and Surety Co., William Wiles Jr.).

88-00767H - Hubert E. Morris (Greg McCracken) vs Raintree Apts & Henley Group (State Insurance Fund).

88-11297A - Marcus Bluner (Mike Lawter, John Loughlin) vs Pig Out BBQ Inc. (Truck Insurance Exchange).

85-19851A - Duane Long (Fred Boettcher) vs Triad Drilling (National Union Fire Ins. Co., Tenal Cooley).

89-00559Q - Homer Woolley (Fred Boettcher) vs Conoco (Own Risk, James Ferguson).

88-13246A - Myra A. Sheppard (Larth Kienzle) vs Independence Manor Nursing (Own Risk, Nita Giles).

88-06606Y - Joann Taylor (Joseph Biscone) vs Carlstrom Food Inc. (Own Risk, Richard Mason, Charles Wadsack).

86-07802K - Sherman Az Newell (William Thetford) vs Spec. Indemnity Fund Only.

87-22340Q - Orlando Arnold (E.W. Keller) vs Mistletoe Express (Own Risk, John Oldfield).

JUDGE LYNN 9:00 A.M. 84-01590X - Shelia Christianson (Gary Prochaska) vs Union Bus Station of Oklahoma (State Insurance Fund).

89-00142A - Susan I. Stoker (Wyatt, Austin & Assoc.) vs Moore Public Schools Transport (Employers' Nat'l Insurance Co., Richard Mason).

88-10745A - Billy Carroll Davis (Patrick Ryan) vs. ATS Inc. (State Insurance Fund/Southerland Well Service, Don Bykerk (for ATS), Richard Cochran, David Terrell).

86-18303J - Frank Black (Mike Lawter) vs Okla. Memorial Hospital (State Insurance Fund).

84-02006K - Winston Burdette Exley (Richard Morris) vs Safeway Stores Inc. (Own Risk, Dale Remington). …

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