Forcible Entry & Detainer Docket

Article excerpt

Forcible Entry & Detainer Docket Div S-5 Hon. Sidney J. Gorelick August 02 , 1989 09:00 A.M. Special SC-89-10083 - Southern Oaks Apts Inc Vs Patton Renee.

SC-89-10084 - Southern Oaks Apts Inc Vs Sheltman Lisa.

SC-89-10108 - Apollo Apts Vs Smith Anna M Et Al.

SC-89-10109 - Apollo Apts Vs Reynolds Phillip Et Al.

SC-89-10110 - Apollo Apts Vs Turvey Sam H Jr Et Al.

SC-89-10111 - Apollo Apts Vs Bilbrey Gary Et Al.

SC-89-10112 - Apollo Apts Vs Westfall Royce D Et Al.

SC-89-10113 - Apollo Apts Vs Graham Steven Et Al.

SC-89-10114 - Apollo Apts Vs Graham Marcella Et Al.

SC-89-10115 - Apollo Apts Vs Mergerson Robert Et Al.

SC-89-10116 - Apollo Apts Vs Cargle Terry L & Shannon N Et.

SC-89-10117 - Apollo Apts Vs Osteen Warren Et Al.

SC-89-10118 - Apollo Apts Vs Barnett Willard Et Al.

SC-89-10119 - Apollo Apts Vs Mccarther Chrystal Et Al.

SC-89-10120 - Apollo Apts Vs Hubbard Kimala J Et Al.

SC-89-10121 - Apollo Apts Vs Junior Darryl Et Al.

SC-89-10122 - Apollo Apts Vs Kindred Carla Et Al.

SC-89-10123 - Park Macarthur Apts Vs Hottle Linda F Et Al.

SC-89-10124 - Park Macarthur Apts Vs Nielsen Eric & Amber Et Al.

SC-89-10125 - Sunset Ridge Apts Vs Williams Rodney Et Al.

SC-89-10126 - Woodhue Apts Vs Moores Sheryl Jean Et Al.

SC-89-10127 - Woodhue Apts Vs Huffman Guylam & Bonita Lynn E.

SC-89-10128 - Woodhue Apts Vs Allen Ronald E Et Al.

SC-89-10129 - Woodhue Apts Vs Oliver Betty J Et Al.

SC-89-10130 - Woodhue Apts Vs Johnson Dennis K & Lauretta J.

SC-89-10131 - Woodhue Apts Vs Holman Vernita Et Al.

SC-89-10132 - Woodhue Apts Vs Threatt Demetra Et Al.

SC-89-10133 - Oakwood Apt Vs Johnson Travis L.

SC-89-10134 - Hammond Manor Apt Vs Conerly Yvonne.

SC-89-10139 - Trison Properties Dba Woodland Vs Johnson Robert Et Al.

SC-89-10140 - Fleshman Family Et Al Vs Hatfield Kim.

SC-89-10141 - Chateau Royal Apartments Vs Robbins David Et Al.

SC-89-10143 - Francis Lola N Vs Cherry Dianeda. …


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