Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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MORTGAGES Received 8/18/89 B 5941 P 1556-John W Tarr et ux to Founders Bank and Trust Co, $1,257,614,L1-3 B16 Putnam Heights Addn, Okc.

B 5941 P 1685-Elkins Industries LTd to Guaranty bank and trust Co, $309,103,L8-9 B4 Crossroads Industrial Park Addn.

B 5941 P 1691-Maurice D Krause JR et ux to Oak Tree mtg Corp, $176,000,L12 b7 Faircloud III addn.

B 5941 P 1661-Terry G Farris to FOunders bank and Trust Co, $150,000,SW/4 Sec10 T14N R2W.

B 5942 P 136-LaRae IreneHuycke et ux to Liberty Mtg co, $141,900,L3 B2 Apple Valley Sec 2.

B 5942 P 116-W Alan Davis et ux to Founders bank and Trust CO, $113,600,NE/4 Sec7 T12N R3W.

B 5942 P 43-Michael A Stukel et ux to Continental Fed S & L Assoc, $112,500,L7 B3 Chimney hill II addn.

B 5941 P 1817-Les Miller Homes inc to Northwest Bank, $102,800,L20 B1 Warwick V Addn.

B 5942 P 89-Catherine J Hays to American Fed S & L Assoc of Ada, $100,000,L11 B16 Sec 4 Lansbrook addn.

B 5942 P 132-James Anthony Wyatt et ux to Eastland Mtg CO, $87,500,L4 B4 Trails 4th addn, Edm.

B 5941 P 1642-L & R Equipment Inc to Capitol Bank and Trust, $84,000,SW/4 Sec 14, T11N R3W.

B 5941 P 1942-Turner and Co to Liberty natl bank and Trust CO of Okla City, $84,000,L24 b5 Kingston 4th aDdn.

B 5941 P 1744-Madonna L Nicks et ux to First Interstate Bank of Okla, $80,000,L3 B16 Sec 10 Quail creek Addn.

B 5942 P 40-Michael Fain Muldowney et ux to Georgia Carole Knecht, $75,000,L11 B1 Wileman Ninth Addn.

B 5941 P 1571-Maranatha Church inc to Guaranty Bank and Trust CO, $70,000,pt NW/4 Sec20 T12N R4W.

B 5941 P 1765-T B Fund Inc to Citizens Bank of Edmond, $68,919,L3 B11 Brookhaven ADdn.

B 5942 P 107-John W Quinton Jr et ux to Liberty Mtg CO, $63,100,L19 B1 Brentmark I addn.

B 5942 P 330-Kelle Ann Fridrich et ux to Oak Tree Mtg COrp, $61,657,L5 B3 Trails SOuth 7th Addn.

B 5942 P 30-Mary T Stone to Mtg CLearing COrp, $59,010,L1 B33 Casady Hill 4th SEc.

B 5942 P 93-Mark M Hart et ux to Harry Mtg Co, $56,750,L9 B22 Sec 6 Coronado hegihts addn.

B 5941 P 1575-Dan Adrian Purvis et ux to Oak tree mtg Corp, $56,207,L8 B6 Oak Brook 2nd addn.

B 5941 P 1976-LEonhardt Ent Inc to Liberty Natl bank and tRust Co, $56,000,L3 B1 County hollow Section ONe.

B 5942 P 363-Vicki M Mitchell to Maxim mtg Corp, $54,754,L3 B10 Oak brook 4th Addn.

B 5941 P 1566-Terrie Louise Pantel et ux to Liberty Mtg co, $54,650,L20 B3 Briarwood Estats addn.

B 5942 P 126-Karen L Marshall et ux to Founders bank and Trust Co, $50,343,NE/4 Sec19 T12N R2W.

B 5941 P 1977-LEonhardt Ent Inc to Liberty Natl bank and tRust Co, $50,300,L26 B6 Country hollow Addn.

B 5942 P 112-Jack Pipkin et ux to Liberty Mtg Co, $44,000,L1 b10 Waverly Section.

B 5942 P 81-Amelia E Dougherty et ux to Sooner Fed S & L Assoc, $40,850,L4 B16 WIndsor Hills addn Sec 8, Okc. …

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