Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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FAA To Adopt Recommendations On Aging McDonnell Douglas Airliners WASHINGTON - The Federal Aviation Administration will order that aging McDonnell Douglas jetliners undergo modifications to continue flying after a set number of landings, government and industry officials announced Monday.

None of the work is urgent and the airliners remain safe to fly, said Clyde Kizer of the Air Transport Association, which represents airlines and set up a task force which recommended the modifications. He said no fare increases or service disruptions were expected because of the orders, with many airlines already completing the work.

Robert Aaronson, Air Transport Association president, said the orders are not a result of the July 19 crash of a United DC-10 in Sioux City, Iowa, which killed 112 people. A separate industry-government inquiry is being conducted into the design of larger airliners, partly as a result of that crash.

The aging airliner task force was set up after an Aloha Airlines 737 with nearly 90,000 flights lost an 18-foot section of fuselage in an April 1988 flight over Hawaii. A flight attendant was killed in the incident.

A Federal Aviation Administration official said the agency will order various modifications to the fuselage, landing gears and doors of 1,153 DC-10, DC-9, DC-8 and MD80 jetliners used by U.S. airlines as they age over the next four years. Most foreign airlines, flying another 750 McDonnell Douglas planes, also are expected to comply.

^Marriott, Japanese Company to Develop 9 Hotels in Europe@ WASHINGTON - Marriott Corp. and a private Japanese company will spend about $400 million to develop up to nine Marriott hotels in Europe, Mariott said Monday.

The joint venture formed by Marriott and Adachi Enterprise Group of Tokyo has purchased the London Marriott Hotel and will build up to eight more hotels over the next several years, a Marriott announcement said.

Marriott operates 500 hotels, 17 of which are outside the U.S.

Adachi is a private company with interests in real estate, education and leisure activities. …

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