Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

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PROBATE PROCEEDINGS Received 9-15-89 P-81-999 - Est of Hughes; ord & not of hrng on 10-5-89 at 9:00 am, motion, final report.

P-88-1380 - Est of O'Meara; ord & not of hrng on 10-4-89 at 1:30 pm, final acct.

P-89-83 - Est of O'Meara; general inventory & appraisement, final acct, ord & not of hrng on 10-4-89 at 1:30 pm.

P-88-386 - Est of Stowe; ord from OTC.

P-86-839 - Est of Dennis, Jr; interlocutory order.

P-83-1493 - Gdn of Vickroy; bond.

P-88-1878 - Est of Earls; assgt (3), affi of mail.

P-88-90 - Gdn of Standley; revised appraisal, cert of appraisers, return.

P-89-905 - Est of Jeffries; not of hrng on 9-26-89 at 9:00 am (2).

P-87-844 - Est of Blalock; motion..

P-89-905 - Est of Jeffries; motion, ord for hrng on 9-26-89 at 9:00 am (2), affi of mail (2), return of sale.

P-82-1392 - Est of Poore; bid.

P-89-151 - Est of Spaulding; amended petition, bond.

P-87-1296 - Gdn of Rogers; supplemental general inventory & appraisement, cert of appraisers, oath, waiver.

P-88-102 - Est of Burdwell; response.

P-82-1392 - Gdn of Poore; report (2).

P-88-1857 - Est of Chapman; motion.

P-88-91 - Est of Whittaker; transcript of proceedings.

P-87-1447 - Est of Banks; ord & not of hrng on 10-11-89 at 9:00 am, annual report.

P-89-1362 - Est of Hancock; notice to creditors, order, appl.

P-89-1182 - Gdn of Box; motion.

P-89-1543 - Est of Vance; ord & not of hrng on 9-29-89 at 9:00 am.

P-89-1182 - Gdn of Box; answers.

P-85-1428 - Est of Eagan; brief, order.

P-87-1761 - Est of Moran; petition, order.

P-89-492 - Est of Bethurum; final acct, ord & not for hrng on 9-27-89 at 9:00 am, affi of mail.

P-89-1397 - Determin of Dorland et al; decree.

P-81-680 - Est of Thorne; notice to creditors, affi of non-mail.

P-89-83 - Est of O'Meara; order, appl, order.

P-89-1380 - Est of O'Meara; order, appl.

P-89-1542 - Est of Oxford; affi of mail, ord & not of hrng on 9-29-89 at 1:30 pm.

P-89-1541 - Est of Strode et al; ord & not of hrng on 10-2-89 at 9:00 am.

P-89-989 - Est of Morrison; entry of appearance.

P-87-113 - Est of Ontko; entry of appearance.

P-89-1473 - Gdn of Wilson et al; letters, order. …

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