Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Ibm Has Blueprint to Automate Art of Making Software

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Ibm Has Blueprint to Automate Art of Making Software

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NEW YORK (AP) - International Business Machines Corp. hopes to take the sorcery out of software-writing by announcing an automation scheme that should make programs easier to write and less full of bugs.

About 30 companies were expected to express their support for IBM's blueprint at a news conference today, another demonstration of the giant's influence over the computer industry.

Disorganized writing of software has led to sprawling, patched-together, unmanageable programs that take up valuable programmers' time and stall innovation. The problem has become so acute that corporate chief executives are pressing their computer chiefs for a solution.

``The real driving force behind our industry is that we have got to figure out how to build better software, faster,'' said Kim Addington, vice president for marketing at KnowledgeWare Inc. in Atlanta, which will share the spotlight with IBM on today.

Sales of tools for computer-aided software engineering already total about $300 million a year, even though fewer than 10 percent of customers are even dabbling in it, according to CASE Research Corp. of Bellevue, Wash.

CASE Research expects sales to start jumping about a year from now when software toolmakers have brought their products into line with IBM's de facto industry stadard.

At least five years will be required to achieve largely automatic programming, but IBM's commitment at least legitimizes the concept of it, consultants say.

``This is the Holy Grail. The software industry is committing itself to IBM platform. They don't have to be cajoled into that; they're doing it readily because they see the value of the rules being establishedning the information that all the different software engineering tools need to do their jobs. Strict rules will ensure that all toolmakers structure their information in a consistent way. …

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