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Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Inside Track

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I couldn't help but stop and think about what I was doing wrong when I picked only five winners on Remington Park's first two days of the 50-day fall season.

Then it dawned on me, I had overlooked several handicapping points that are pertinent to Remington Park in the fall.

- Minnesota, Nebraska, Louisiana and Illinois are states which allow horses to race on the therapeutic medications of Lasix, a diuretic, and Phenylbutazone (bute), an anti-inflamatory - which also acts as a mild pain killer, much like aspirin.

It's possible that many of the horses coming out of those states have been racing on bute. Without bute, these horses may not run to form because they are now feeling the aches and pains of long summer campaigns.

Horses that used Lasix in those states also may be "bleeding" because of the lower Lasix levels allowed in Oklahoma. The stress of racing causes some horses to hemorrhage from the lungs which restricts the horse's breathing. When a horse is running strong and suddenly quits usually indicates bleeding. The larger the dosage of Lasix, the less chance a horse will bleed.

I suspect it will take a couple of weeks for some trainers to realize they are going to have to change their training programs to compensate for the medication changes.

While it is impossible to know which horses are arthritic, muscle sore or aching in some other way, the lack of bute and/or reduced levels of Lasix could explain a downturn in a horse's form.

Check the program for horses that are first-time Lasix users. It's not unusual for first-time users to jump up in form, thus worth a gamble - that is if their past performance indicates poor performance due to bleeding.

As last fall, Blue Ribbon Downs horses are off to a fast start - led by Ember Lad, winner of Saturday's Lawton Stakes. …

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