Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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MORTGAGES Received 12/14/89 B 5981 P 1947-Models Ltd Partnership to Will Rogers B&T Co, $465,372,L4 B12 Park Lane Estates Sec 3 Addn.

B 5982 P 395-Weschad Inc to K C Kelley, $375,000,pt B6 Delmar Garden Addn.

B 5982 P 389-Weschad Inc to K C Kelley, $225,000,pt NE4 Sec 30 T13N R3W IM.

B 5982 P 426-R Steven Haught to Knutson Mtg Corp, $187,200,L4 B85 Sec 28 Quail Creek Addn.

B 5981 P 1898-T Alan Layne et ux to Nichols Hills B&T Co, $176,412,L19 B11 The Greens Sec 2 Addn.

B 5982 P 170-Lawrence E DeBault et ux to Empire of America Realty Credit Corp, $167,350,L3 B5 Winan's Highland Terrace Addn.

B 5981 P 1681-G Frank Cartmell et ux to Equity Natl Mtg Corp, $142,400,L8 Council Oaks Addn.

B 5982 P 401-KellyLynn Inc to K C Kelley, $129,268,L14 B2 Fairfield Addn.

B 5981 P 1643-Michael Angelo Carretero et ux to American Mtg & Inv Co, $101,200,L1 B19 Warwick Estates Sec III Addn.

B 5981 P 1648-Robert B Gill, II et ux to Founders B&T Co, $99,750,L6, pt L5 B7 Windsor Oaks Addn.

B 5981 P 1690-Timothy R Satzler et ux to Local Fed S&L, $81,900,L2 B42 Windsor Hills Sec 7 Addn.

B 5981 P 1660-Robert D Wilson et ux to N David Hackney et ux, $79,160,L8 B2 Stone Ridge Addn.

B 5981 P 1685-Larry O Dixon et ux to Liberty Mtg Co, $72,815,L3 B20 Pebble Creek 3rd Addn.

B 5982 P 237-Debra Ann Reynolds to Stillwater Natl B&T Co, $68,000,L13 B6 Copperfield Addn.

B 5981 P 1877-William S Davis et ux to Equity Bank for Savings, $64,511,L4 B9 Sec 4 Ski Island Lake Addn.

B 5982 P 430-Tommy R Evans et ux to Knutson Mtg Corp, $60,204,L16 B15 Summit Place II Addn.

B 5981 P 1638-Jerry Lee Garner et ux to Knutson Mtg Corp, $51,277,L25 B11 Fairfield Sec 3 Addn.

B 5981 P 1662-Samuel Anthony Domenico et ux to Lumbermen's Investment Corp of Texas, $49,824,L23 B8 Springfield Village Addn.

B 5981 P 1713-Billy C Wright et ux to Admin of Vet Affairs, $49,259,L3 B20 Eastmoor Addn, Cleveland County.

B 5982 P 333-Larry W Robinson et ux to Lumbermen's Investment Corp of Texas, $44,500,L14 B2 Del-Haven Addn. …

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