Corporation Commission

Article excerpt


(63055) NOTICE OF HEARING Cause CD No. 152,966 Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: Clayton W. Williams, Jr., Inc. Relief Sought: Drilling and Spacing Units. Legal Description: Section 4, T1N, R13E, Atoka County, Oklahoma.

To all Persons, Owners, Producers, Operators, Purchasers, and Takers of oil and gas including Mary Josephine Adkins, a/k/a Mary J. Adkins, Aetna Life Insurance Company, Amoco Production Company, The Atoka Investment Company, Margaret Beringer, Jewell Billington, Ralph Billington, T.G. Billington, Jean M. Boehm, Jerry J. Bonner, Samuel Jack Brenner, a/k/a Samuel J. Brenner, J.N. Brown, E. James Buchanan, Jr., Margaret Buchanan, William Edward Buchanan, David Burgett, Co-Del Investments Corporation, Orville F. Conner, Bob Crane, Icy S. Reynolds, now Curry; W.B. Davis, Robert G., Elston, a/k/a Robert Gentry Elston, Farmers' Union Cooperative Royalty Company, Farmland Energies Services, Inc., Herbert P. Ferris, First National Bank & Trust Company of Tulsa, Trustee of the R. Elmo Thompson Trust ``B'' dated February 23, 1966; George Samuel Gourley, a/k/a George S. Gourley, Paul C. Guignon, Jr., Roy H. Guthrie, Sue Carolyn Spiegle, now Hamilton; Dianne Harms, M.W. Hart, a/k/a Maxie Wayne Hart, a/k/a Max W. Hart, Jr.; J.L. Hendren, Ralph Higgs, Betty Lou Hildebrand, Esta Fern Osborn Hildebrand, Jaren Hiller, Helena Ilg, J. & M. Investments Company, Michael Janowick, a/k/a Michael Janowiak, Anne Juday, T.W. Juday, Kris M. Kazik, Elinor Kavanaugh, Jay Kavanaugh, Bessie Kendall, Karl H. Kendall, Allen C. Keenen, Thompson Keenan, Karl H. Kendall, Key-Don Royalty Corporation, Carl B. King; Carl B. King and Florence E. King Foundation Inc.; Ellis M. Kistler, Gerald Kistler, Hoyle T. Kistler, Kirk C. Kolar, Stephen Krauss, a/k/a Stephen Krausse, Stephen Krausse, a/k/a Stephen Krauss, Eliza A. Lane, Thomas O. Criswell, III, Elwood H. Lane, Joseph W.R. Lane, Sr., Geraldine Lane, Milton D. Lane, Temple R. Lane, George Alice Latimer, Kurt Lyles, Virginia Ruth Kendall, now Lyles; William Basil Martin, Jr., a/k/a William B. Martin, Jr.; Lynn Nell Maxwell, Charles Andrew McCall, Trustee of the 1989 C.A. McCall Irrevocable Trust dated September 28, 1989, Clark McEntire, A.K. McKenzie, Mrs. J.W. McMillan, Margaret Meeting, a/k/a Margaret Elizabeth Meeting, Michael J. Milligan, John Moore, Lena A. Moore, Rebekah Lou Mungle, New Reserve Gas Inc., Betty Jo Norlin, Lydia Osborn, Merl Richard Osborn, Panhandle Royalty Company, Park Avenue Exploration Corporation, D. Ann Perkins, Waldo Peter, R.H. Pierce, Ruth Lowe Pierce, John H. Poe, Maxine Hart Prewitt, Opal Brown Rasure, L.K. Reed, a/k/a Loren K. Reed, Lena Mae Kistler, now Reed, O.C. Reynolds, George Rogers, Leroy George Rogers, Jr., D.A. Ross a/k/a Donald A. Ross, E. …


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