Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Docket

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Docket

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MONDAY FEBRUARY 12, 1990 JUDGE KELLEY 9:00 A.M. P-87-449 - Gdn of Krueger (Kamp).

P-89-136 - Est of Douglas (Black).

P-90-65 - Est of Hoffman (Carter).

P-90-41 - Est of Shipp (Mauritson).

P-88-1490 - Est of Day (Barnes).

10:00 A.M. P-87-1308 - Est of Hillhouse (Doak) (Goodman) (Chaif).

1:30 P.M. PA-89-470 - In re Chittick (Puckett).

PA-89-375 - In re Wilson (Farnan).

PA-89-442 - In re Coffey (Graham).

P-90-112 - Est of Samples (Ivester).

P-90-142 - Est of Rush (Prose).

PA-89-489 - In re Hughes (Petty).

2:00 P.M. P-89-1592 - Est of Watkins (Nesbitt).

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 13, 1990 JUDGE KELLEY 9:00 A.M. P-88-21 - Gdn of Jackson (Jones).

P-86-1894 - Est of Horton (Box).

P-89-1962 - Est of Swindell (Prose).

P-90-125 - Gdn of Smith (Featherly).

P-90-164 - Est of Terry (Tesio).

1:30 P.M. P-88-997 - Est of Fain (Conner).

P-88-1605 - Est of Bridwell (Brown).

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 14, 1990 JUDGE KELLEY 9:00 A.M. P-89-28 - Gdn of Cannon (Gaylon).

P-89-1725 - Gdn of Green (Sharpe).

P-89-876 - Est of Grueig (Rozin).

P-89-1265 - Est of Brower (Schnorr).

P-90-159 - Est of Gilley (Kulmatz).

P-90-174 - Est of Smith (Tesio).

P-90-184 - Est of Ellis (Sharpe).

PA-89-492 - In re Parikset (Kelley).

10:00 A.M. P-87-220 - Est of Shores (Walker) (Shores).

1:30 P.M. PA-90-26 - In re Altman (Bado).

P-90-161 - Est of Molner (Hermansen). …

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