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Tips on Developing Effective Interviewing Skills

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Tips on Developing Effective Interviewing Skills

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Interviewing is a skill that most managers develop over time. A good interviewer must have wisdom, patience, and perseverance of nearly Biblical proportions in order to evaluate a candidate's skills accurately and make the best judgment on whether the person fits the needs of the organization.

Here are some tips on effective interviewing that may save time and resources.

- Before you even begin to advertise for a position, be sure all those involved in the hiring process agree upon the job requirements and personality profile of the individual you will be seeking.

This avoids the expensive process of multiple interviews for the same job.

- Prepare questions for the interview that allow you to penetrate a person's outward personality and determine whether he or she is the employee you seek. Be sure the questions you ask are legally correct. If you plan to interview a number of candidates then you should ask all the candidates similar questions.

A well structured interview might include three minutes of casual conversation to get the person relaxed, ten minutes of determining up front whether the basic job skills are indeed present, and then an open ended period of discussion to learn more about the candidate's personality and prior job experiences.

- Maintain as much eye contact with the candidate as possible. Encourage them to talk about their experiences and how they work with others.

- Close the interview with a summary of their comments as you have heard them. As a final question, ask how they feel they might help the company's bottom line profit.

Also, it's a good idea to ask if there is anything that they would like to tell you that you didn't ask.

Question: I am finishing my college degree very soon and need to intern with a company to complete the last part of the requirements for my degree. Do you have any suggestions on how I can arrange to intern with a good organization?

Answer: Most college programs that require intern experiences have a list of companies and businesses that are willing to accept interns, so you should definitely start there. …

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