Corporation Commission

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Phillips, Donald M. & Revelle D. Phillips; Phillips, Gail Beaumont; Phillips, John Woodley; Phillips, Paul M.; Phillips, Pierre D. Trust #1; Phillips, Wilma M.; Phillips, Wilma M. & Curtis Darling Trustees; Picek, Teresa Wade; Pinnacle Oil Company; Planco Inc.; Polk, Mary Jane; Pomeroy, W.H. Jr.; Poteet Oil Limited; Poteet, Jo Ann; Poteet, Jo Ann; Powell, Jean B. Trustee; Powell, Richard V. Jr., Trustee; Powell, Richard V. Trustee; Prospect No. 1; Prospect No. 4; Prospect No. 2; Prospect No. 3; Prospect No. 5; Prucell, Lucille C.; Prudential Bache Energy Inc. Prod. Partn. VP-18; Prudential Bache Energy Inc. Prod. Partn. VP-19; Prudential Bache Energy Income Prod. Partnp. V-19; Prudential Bache Energy Income Prod. Prtnp. V-18; PrudentialBache Energy Income Prod. Prtnp. VP18; Purcell, Clyde; Purcell, Natalina R.; Purcell, George Edward Jr.; Purcell, Lucille C.; PW-Geodyne Production Partnership II-D; PW/Geodyne Energy Income Prod. Partnership I-D; PW/Geodyne Energy Income Prod. Partnership I-E; PW/Geodyne Energy Income Prod. Partnership I-E; PW/Geodyne Energy Income Prod. Partnership I-F; PW/Geodyne Energy Income Prod. Partnership I-F; PW/Geodyne Energy Income Production; PW/Geodyne Prod. Parnership II-A; PW/Geodyne Production Parntership II-D; PW/Goedyne Production Partnerhsip II-C; PW/Geodyne Production Partnership II-A; PW/Geodyne Production Partnership IID; Rabb, Penn Vernon Jr.; Rabb, Vernodene; Rapp, Gladys; Reaves, Anna Dale; Reavis, Ruthie Jo; Rebenstein, Deborah; Reed, Beryl E. & Irene S. Trustees; Reed, Mabel & H.M. Reed; Reed, Mabel & Oatman, W.W. Trustee of Warren Clark; Reiter-Foster Oil Company; Replogle, Dee A.; Replogle, Margaret K.; Republic Bank of Dallas /Suc. Anna Lee Eason; Republic Nak of Dallas /Trus. of Virginia Weinmann; Revelle, Florence Tracey; Rice, Nancy Randolph; Rice, Nancy Randolph; Richards, Virginia; Richardson, Betty June; Richardson, Roger H.; Riggle, E. Jr.; Riley, Lee; Roberts, Richard S. Trust; Rodgers, Prentice J. Jr.; Rodgers, Jonathan; Rodgers, Frederic; Rogers, Dannette & James Buford; Roring, John & Velma Trust; Roring, Velma; Rosewood; Rosewood Resources, Inc.; Ryan, John F. Deceased; Ryant Company, A Limited Partnership; S.K. Hatfield; Sabine Corporation; Sabine Corporation; Saltmount Oil Co., now Amoco Production; Samedan Oil Corporation; Samuels, Martha C.; Samuels, Martha C.; Samuels, Patrick; Samuels, Mary Ellen; Samuels, Michael; Savage, Royce H. Trustee; Schliffer, Ann R.; Schneider, Lottie P. Trustee; Scott, Bessie; Scott, Bessie; Scott, Larry; SEA Properties, Ltd.; Security Nat. Bank, Trustee of Jerry & Joanne Baker; Security Nat. Bank, Trustee of R.F. Wilbern Trust; Sewell, Elvie L.; Sewell, Aletha; Sharp, Karla Kay; Shaw, Harrison Kay Denise a/k/a Denise Kay Shaw; Shoshone Building Company; Shotwell, Eva L.; Shoup, Clay E.; Shoup, James H.; Shoup, Robert A.; Shoup, Walter H.; Singer Brothers; Sisler, Dixie; Jewel Harrold Fox; SL & M Investement Company; Slaughter, Eugene E.; Smart, Jearl; Smeed Company; Smith Jean. W.; Smith, Alice T.; Smith, Brian Jared Trustee; Smith, Cecil H. III; Smith, Frances Street; Smith, Jean W.; Smith, Jean W.; Smith, Mary Guinn; Smith, Mrs. Wm. Jarrel Sr.; Smith, Wm. Jr.; Smith, Patrick; Smith, Richard J.; Sneed Company; Sonat Exploration Company; Southern Ok. Area Vo. Tech. School, District #20; Southwest Petro-Chem Prod. Inc.; Southwest Petro-Chem Company; Speer, John B.; Sport; Spradling, William Smith; Spradling, William Smith Trustee Of Smith Spradling; Stephens, Margie; Stewart, Martha; Stewart, Robert B.; Stott, Montagu W. …


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