Judge Owens Friday September 7, 1990 9:00 A.M

Article excerpt

Div D-1 Hon. Charles L. Owens 09:00 CJ-86-12406 - Bozarth James Jr (Forbes Jr, robert A) Vs. American Medical Systems Et Al(Eldridge, richard Mark) Pl Mot 4 Judg Not W/standing Verdict Or New Trial.

CJ-88-5544 - Bentley Hedges Travel Service (Thornton Jr, David Michael) Vs. Harold's Stores Of Oklahoma In(Rawlinson, gary C) Pl Renewed Motion To Compel & Mot For Sanctions.

CJ-88-243 - Higdon Levonne Ion Et Al (Buxton, Jay Harrod) Vs. Adams Richard Anthony Et Al (Woodard Iii, john Reuben) Motion Of Pl For Approval Of Supersedeas Bond.

CJ-88-824 - Randall Victor L. Et Al (Dawson, James William) Vs. Keyes George C. Et Al Motion To Compel.

CJ-88-4009 - Maust Lana Et Al (Dodd, Craig) Vs. Samuels Mathukuttya (Durbin Ii, Gerald Enyart) Motion For Protective Order For Bates.

CJ-88-3714 - Hunters Glen Inc (Israel, Jay Gilbert) Vs. Gemcraft Homes Inc (Dykeman, w Samuel) Motion To Withdraw As Atty Of Record.

CJ-89-101 - First Union Mortgage Corp (Marianos, Mark Pete) Vs. Downs Michael W Et Al (Rolston Iii, joe S) Appl Defts For Atty Fees & Cost.

CJ-89-101 - First Union Mortgage Corp (Marianos, Mark Pete) Vs. Downs Michael W Et Al (Rolston Iii, joe S) Motion For New Trial Or Reconsider.

CJ-88-10164 - Benjamin Franklin Federal Savi (Peck, Scott Walker) Vs. Mulvany Michael J. Pl Motion For Summary Judgment.

CJ-89-6158 - Mullens George Ross (Mccoy, Craig William) Vs. Century Ice Company Of Okc (Solomon, Stephen Gayle) Df Motion For Summary Judgment.

CJ-89-3417 - State Of Oklahoma, By (Lawter, J. Mike) Vs. City Of Oklahoma City Et Al Motion For Summary Judgment Of Df City Of Okc.

CJ-89-9715 - Puckett Bill (Sheets, Robert Noel) Vs. Slater William (Kivel, Franklin Jay) Defts Motion For Summary Judgment.

CJ-89-9098 - St Of Ok Ex Rel Robert H Macy (Howell-stensaas, Sandra) Vs. Nineteen Seventy Seven Oldsmob Motion To Dismiss Answer.

CJ-89-8089 - Womack Properties (Moorman, jeffrey Howard) Vs. Oklahoma County Board Of Equal Motion To Change Party.

CJ-89-7853 - Thompson Christy Et Al (Monard, larry Ray) Vs. First Baptist Church Dba Et Al(Stratton, Stephen Lance) Df Motion For Sanctions. …


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