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Cheery Cheerubs Teach Moral Values to Young

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Cheery Cheerubs Teach Moral Values to Young

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Feature Editor An Oklahoma City advertising artist, Lona Donnell, has designed and developed a set of teaching aids for use in teaching basic principles and values to preschool-age children. She is attempting to market the set for use in preschool daycare centers and churches.

Donnell is marketing the teaching aids under the trademarked and copyrighted name of Cheery Cheerubs Collection.

"When I first came up with this idea, I thought it might be something that could be useful in trying to present good values, good morals and good Christian standards. I try to expound on what they are so a little one can begin to understand what they are.

"It is not to take the place of scriptures or anything like that. It is just to start forming what good moral values are and that they are worthwhile for a lifetime," she said.

The Cheery Cheerubs Collection is a set of eight 11-inch-by-14-inch posters, which each have three related four-inch-by-eight-inch flash cards to further explain the moral attribute listed on the poster. The set has been priced at about $14 for test marketing on consignment, she said.

"I used the graphics because I thought the idea of cherubs was good and would be something good for children to identify with. It is just intended to build on what is good.

"I tried to depict all ethnic groups in the artwork. I think that is very important, so no one will feel excluded," she said.

Donnell said she has spent about three years part time developing and preparing her Cheery Cheerubs Collection for marketing.

She is neither a parent nor teacher but has worked about 10 years as a retail advertising and product display artist. She now works in merchandising display at J.C. Penney in Crossroads Mall. She studied art two years at Central State University, taking all the art courses she could, she said.

Donnell is a native of Oklahoma City and graduate of Harding High School. …

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