Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

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NEW LOCATIONS Received 10-25-90 ALFALFA COUNTY Mack Energy Co., Jackie 1, 3-27N-11W, NE4 SW4 NE4, 990fsl-990fwl, Sand 5050, Mississippi 5075, Misener 5650, Viola 5665, Wilcox Sand 5765, Cottage Grove 4525, Tonkawa 4100, TD 5850, El. 1185, Date Oper to Begin: asap, Surface Casing Depth: 300.

CADDO COUNTY Alexander Energy Corporation, Stevens 13-7, 139N-11W, SW4 SE4 NW4 NE4, 1550fsl-760fwl, Marchand 10034, TD 10300, El. NIA, Date Oper to Begin: 11/1/90, Surface Casing Depth: 1000.

COMANCHE COUNTY Kelmar Oil Company, Elizondo 3, 27-3N-10W, NW4 SW4 NW4 NW4, 1815fsl-175fwl, Permian 6001250, TD 1300, El. NIA, Date Oper to Begin: asap, Surface Casing Depth: None.

CREEK COUNTY Waggoner Drilling Co., Jackson B 3, 9-15N-9E, SW4 NW4 SE4, 1650fsl-330fwl, Cleveland 1100, Skinner 2200, Red Fork 2400, TD 2400, El. 814, Date Oper to Begin: Soon, Surface Casing Depth: 300.

DEWEY COUNTY Kaiser-Francis Oil Company, Dean 2-9, 9-17N19W, NW4 SE4 NW4, 1070fsl-1520fwl, Oswego Lime 9410, TD 9650, El. 1910, Date Oper to Begin: Immediately, Surface Casing Depth: 800.

GRADY COUNTY Texaco Producing Inc., Anthony 30-1, 30-10N-8W, W2 E2 W2 NE4, 1320fsl-870fwl, Viola 14846, TD 15382, El. 1497, Date Oper to Begin: Upon Receipt of Permit, Surface Casing Depth: 4995.

HARPER COUNTY Harken Exploration Company, Adams 26-2, 2627N-21W, NW4 SW4, 1980fsl-660fwl, Missourian 5140, Oswego 5520, Chester 5950, Chester 89450, TD 6100, El. 1781, Date Oper to Begin: 10/22/90, Surface Casing Depth: 1000.

HUGHES COUNTY XAE Corporation, Loftis 1-26, 26-5N-11E, NW4 NW4, 1980fsl-660fwl, Stuart 400, Thurman-Boggy Sand Series 900-1500, Booch 2700, TD 3000, El. 850, Date Oper to Begin: Upon Approval, Surface Casing Depth: 300.

Glenn Supply Co. Inc., Benham 1, 35-7N-11E, N2 W2 NW4, 1270fsl-660fwl, Savannah 2000, Booch 2700, Hartshorne 2900, Thurman 1100, Red Fork 1500, TD 3000, El. 795, Date Oper to Begin: NIA, Surface Casing Depth: 225.

NOBLE COUNTY Axem Resources Incorporated, Habben 2-30, 30T21N-R1E, SW4 NE4 SW4, 1650fsl-1650fwl, Skinner Sand 4660-4674, TD 4925, El. 1116, Date Oper to Begin: 11/1/90, Surface Casing Depth: 371.

Same, Warren 6A, 30-T21N-R1E, SW4 SE4 NW4, 300fsl-1646fwl, Skinner Sand 4660-4670, TD 4825, El. …

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