Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Logistics, Inventory System Improves FAA Operations

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Logistics, Inventory System Improves FAA Operations

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By Bill May It would be a valuable system for any national commercial supply and distribution company.

But, it belongs to the federal government.

Not only that, it was designed by the federal government with one thought in mind, to increase customer satisfaction.

The new addition to the federal government program is the Logistics and Inventory System based ame on-line, on time and on budget Oct. 3, the dedication and formal ceremony acc easily surpass that, according to Larry Gausman, a supervisor with the system.

"People began thinking about having a system like this about 10 years ago, and we started coming up with ideas and what we need to make it work," he said. "Initially we hired (a private consultat) to adopt their system for our use. But as we got more into it, we determined that it would cost a lot more, so we brought everything in-house and we did it ourselves."

The Logistics and Inventory System is designed to improve the flow of communications and ordering from 2,500 field locations to the Logistics Center (formerly called the FAA Depot at the aeronautical center). When one of the 6,400 authorized persons enters an order on a computer screen at a field location, that order is instantly transmitted to the Logistics Center. All information relating to the order is instantly related back to the ordering person.

"We believe this will save from seven to eight days from our old card requisition system," Gausman said. "Before the person doing the requisitioning had to fill out a card and mail it in. We've now eliminated that mailing time.

"When the card was received, data for the requisition was entered manually into our computer then the item was pulled and prepared for shipment. If there was something wrong with the requisition or the item was not in stock, there was a further delay. All that has been eliminated."

Not only does the system allow the field user instant access to ordering information, but it allows more effective and efficient inventory manageent, said Billie Davis, lead analyst on the system.

"The idea of this system is that it will allow people in the center to know what has been ordered, and the computer will automatically order from the inventory," she said. "This makes things a lot easier and more efficient here."

Actual savings to be realized has not been determined, but Davis, Gausman and Mike Zink, program manager, said it has benefits for everyone involved. Initial estimates are that the savings will be between $2 million and $3 million annually. …

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