Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Warranty Deeds

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Warranty Deeds

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B 6108 P 785 - CRK Properties Inc to Joan Cox, Sls Pr. $, L11 B2 Sec 1 Woodland Hills Village Addn. Retn 8612 NE 53rd, Spencer.

B 6108 P 786 - Joan Cox to Glen Lee et al, Sls Pr. $, L11 B2 Sec 1 Woodland Hills Village Addn. Retn 12201 Woodland Hills Dr.

B 6108 P 787 - Charles R Hutchison et ux to John A Hutchison, Jr, Sls Pr. $, L1 B3 Hefner Village Sec 1 Community Unit Plan Addn. Retn 4117 NW 122nd, Ste A, OKC.

B 6108 P 791 - FDIC to Baggerley Funeral Home Inc, Sls Pr. $, pt SW4 Sec 21 T11N R3W IM. Retn 133 NW 8th, OKC.

B 6108 P 806 - L G Bruce et al to Larry G Bruce, Sls Pr. $, L26 B2 Wilshire Blvd Addn. Retn 2905 Elmwood, OKC.

B 6108 P 909 - William P Bleakley et al to James F Vater et ux, Sls Pr. $, L35 B4 Crown Hgts Addn, OKC. Retn 805 NW 42nd, OKC.

B 6108 P 973 - Genevieve D Morton et al to Genevieve D Morton et al, Sls Pr. $, pt L14 & 15 B6 Ridgecrest Country Estates Addn. Retn 5100 E Skelly Dr, Ste 640, Tulsa.

B 6108 P 998 - Westcott Homes Inc to James N Standard, Sls Pr. $, L9 B2 Fox Lake 2nd Addn, Edm. Retn 1104 Fox Lake Lane, Edm.

B 6108 P 1061 - Barbara J Swanson et ux to Barbara J Swanson, Sls Pr. $, L6 B1 Replat of Somerset Park Addn, MWC. Retn 3204 Glenhaven Dr, MWC.

B 6108 P 1101 - John E Wiggins et ux to John E Wiggins et ux, Sls Pr. $, L9 B7 Edgemere Hgts Addn, OKC. Retn 4018 N Harvey Parkway, OKC.

B 6108 P 1129 - Mark Alan James to Mark Alan James et ux, Sls Pr. $, pt L8 B2 Neely 2nd Addn, Bethany. Retn 4908 N Central, Bethany.

B 6108 P 1130 - Mark Alan James to Mark Alan James et ux, Sls Pr. $, pt B1 Cockrell Place Addn. Retn 4211 N Hammond, Bethany.

B 6108 P 1162 - Richard A Grizzle to Richard A Grizzle et ux, Sls Pr. $, L9 B6 Mclemore Addn, OKC. Retn 1008 NW 50th, OKC.

B 6108 P 1171 - Trula Faye Cannon aka Kennedy et ux to Robert E Shores, Sr et ux, Sls Pr. $, L39 & 40 B13 Jones Grove Addn, OKC. Retn 1925 S McKinley, Moore.

B 6108 P 1284 - Thomas Darrell Read to Leroy Watson McClain, Sls Pr. $, pt L5 B3 Houghton Hgts Addn, OKC. Retn Ste 703, 7515 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX.

B 6108 P 1292 - Ruby A Moore to Ruby A Moore et al, Sls Pr. $, pt L3, L4 & 5 B5 Normal Hgts Addn, Edm. Retn 322 E Lincoln, Edm.

B 6108 P 1297 - Patrick Earl McHenry tr to Patrick Earl McHenry, Sls Pr. $, pt L2 B1 Brusha's Addn, OKC. Retn 10th Floor, 2 Leadership Sq, OKC.

B 6108 P 1303 - Jack T Massey et ux to Sue N Massey, Sls Pr. …

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