Corporation Commission

Article excerpt


(78587) NOTICE OF HEARING Cause CD No. 157,873 Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: Ward Petroleum Corporation. Relief Sought: Increased Density. Legal Description: Section 30, Township 12 North, Range 13 West, Caddo County, Oklahoma.

STATE OF OKLAHOMA: To all persons, owners, producers, operators, purchasers and takers of oil and gas and all other interested persons, particularly in Caddo County, Oklahoma, and more particularly Robert M. Brackbill; Virgil A. Brown; Charles Brown; K. Phil Fleetwood; Coastal Energy Partners Income Fund-A; Coastal Energy Partners Income Fund-B; Coastal Energy Partners Income Fund-C; Juanita F. Coffey, Life Tenant; Juanita F. Coffey; Juanita M. Coffey; Mary J. Coffey; Patricia G. Coffey; Quay Coffey; Russell W. Coffey; Vincent Coffey; Ernest L. Gouge; Goldie L. Gouge; Edward J. Hutlas; Martin Earl Kardokus; Arthur Nowlin and Covie Nowlin Co-guardians of person and Estate of Christie Sue Nowlin; J.J. Pankratz; Dick Rundle; United States of America, Trustee c/o Mineral Management Service; CIRI-II, Ltd.; CRF-1981, Ltd.; T. Michael Cocheres; Energy Fuel Corporation of America; Greanleaf Energy Corporation; Amoco Western Company; F. Howard Walsh, Jr.; EnerQuest Corporation; Santa Fe Energy Operating Partners, L.P.; Thelma Jean Gungoll Revocable Trust; Carole J. Drake; Myra B. Ward; Whitbar Energy Limited Partnership; MacFarlane Company; Trimble Properties; Michael F. Mahony; Emon A. Mahony; Robert L. Adair; Oil Capital Private Drilling Partnership 1984-A; Buttram Energies, Inc.; ZG Exploration, Inc.; Dr. H.J. Freede; Thomas G. Wygant; Eks Wye Pollack; David M. Pulling; James E. Kuhlman; Larry E. Boyd; Trepco, Inc.; Rod W. Ylitalo; MZG Exploration, a partnership; Ramsey Drake; Shelley Drake; Daniel P. Drake; Carl G. Drake; William C. Ward; Casidy Ward; S.S. & L. Oil Properties; Newport Resources; Croesus Oil & Gas Venture 1983 c/o Plexus, Inc.; PC, Ltd.; B.B.L., Ltd. - Boyd Street Joint Venture; Ibex Partnership; Charles L. Zorio; James W. Zaslaw; AE Investments 1985, Inc. c/o Resources Investors; Lance Ruffel Oil & Gas Corporation; Louisiana Land & Exploration Company; Group A 1984 Drilling Program c/o Lara Petroleum Corporation; Coral Reserves Group, Ltd.; SMR Production Purchase Fund 1986-1, a limited partnership; SMR Resources Purchase Fund 1987-1, a limited partnership; Marilyn Tautfest; Dale Folks, Inc.; David P. Folks; Jayne Underwood; Claude Jackson; Norman Mark Garrison; Gilbert Tompson; Norwich Petroleum Corporation; Nova Energy Corporation; The Standard Oil Production Co.; Challenger Minerals, Inc.; Wagner & Brown Oil & Gas Producers; Anson Corporation; Harry H. Cullen; Richard R. Tozzi; Ernest L. Thomas; Mark Jopling; Robert N. Naifeh; Apollo Oil Corporation; JM Petroleum Corporation; Koch Oil Company; Ward Gas Marketing, Inc. …


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