Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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MCINTOSH COUNTY Sonat Exploration Co., Kimberling 1, 19-9N-15E, E/2 SE/4, 1320fsl-1980fwl, Lower Booch 2190-2204, Class. gas, 0 BO, 270 MCFGD, Jefferson 4483-4489, Class. gas, 0 BO, 180 MCFGD, TD 5040.

MARSHALL COUNTY Arco Oil and Gas Company, North Madill Sycamore "A" 5, 9-5S-5E, SE/4 NE/4 SW/4, 1650fsl2310fwl, Bromide 6562-6928, Class. NIA, Sycamore 4722-4828, Class. oil, 195 BO, 400 MCFGD, TD 7422, PBTD 4740.

NOBLE COUNTY Three Sands Oil, Inc., Chatty 1, 18-21N-2W, NW/4 SE/4 NW/4, 860fsl-1568fwl, Hoover 2744-2814, Class. disposal well, TD 2910.

Same, E & M 2, 17-20N-2W, NE/4 NW/4 NE/4, 2310fsl-990fwl, Viola 5076-5116, Class. oil, 600 BO, 475 MCFGD, TD 5290.

Same, E & M 1, 17-20N-2W, NE/4 NE/4 NE/4, 2310fsl-2080fwl, Viola 5091-5136, Class. oil, 625 BO, 450 MCFGD, TD 5180.

NOWATA COUNTY Comdisco Resources, Inc., Lovett 155, 6-26N-17E, NW/4 NE/4 NW/4 NW/4, 2360fsl-839fwl, Bartlesville 631-666, Class. oil, 3.6 BO, NIA MCFGD, TD 702.

Same, NCBSU 449, 36-27N-16E, SW/4 SW/4 NE/4 SE/4, 1611fsl-1526fwl, Bartlesville 635-672, Class. oil, .03 BO, NIA MCFGD, TD 692.

Same, NCBSU 382, 36-27N-16E, NW/4 NE/4 SE/4 SE/4, 1281fsl-2097fwl, Bartlesville 638-678, Class. oil, 3.6 BO, NIA MCFGD, TD NIA.

Comdisco Resources, Inc., NCBSU 380, 36-27N16E, NW/4 NW/4 SE/4 SE/4, 1161fsl-1647fwl, Bartlesville 645-676, Class. oil, .03 BO, NIA MCFGD, TD 697.

Same, NCBSU 311, 36-27N-16E, NW/4 SE/4 SW/4 SE/4, 468fsl-866fwl, Bartlesville 642-671, Class. oil, 7.2 BO, NIA MCFGD, TD 716.

DACO Petroleum, Inc., Lowe South 13, 7-28N-15E, NE/4 SW/4 SE/4, 1215fsl-1130fwl, U. Bartlesville 1130-1148, L. Bartlesville 1157-1164, Class. oil, 37 BO, NIA MCFGD, TD 1210.

Same, Fitz-Lowe G-4, 6-28N-15E, NE/4 SE/4 SE/4, 1089fsl-2475fwl, Bartlesville Ss. 1127-1144, Class. oil, 6 BO, NIA MCFGD, Squirrel Ss. 874-1002, Class. …

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