Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

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PROBATE PROCEEDINGS Received 1-8-91 P-89-1547 - Est of Winchester; ord & not of hrng on 1-16-91 at 1:30 pm, annual acct.

P-90-1688 - Est of Hurst; affi of non-mail.

P-90-1750 - Est of Williams; affi of non-mail, amended notice to creditors.

P-90-1890 - Est of Nienhaus; notice to creditors.

P-90-1968 - Est of Luttrell; amended notice to creditors.

P-86-2001 - In re Ivey; affi of pub.

P-90-1048 - Est of Been; order, applic.

P-90-1611 - Est of Mackie; general inventory & appraisement.

P-90-1915 - Est of Scott; ord & not of hrng on 1-29-91 at 1:30 pm, order, amended petition.

P-86-619 - Gdn of Wilson; affi of mail.

P-91-26 - Est of Schick; ord & not of hrng on 1-23-91 at 9:00 am, affi of mail.

P-83-2031 - Gdn of Riggs; order.

P-85-1301 - Gdn of Chiles; letters, bond.

P-88-724 - Est of Allison; order.

P-91-25 - Est of Riggs; ord & not of hrng on 1-25-91 at 1:30 pm, affi of mail.

P-91-24 - Detrmin of Huckabee; ord & not of hrng on 2-4-91 at 9:00 am, affi of mail.

P-90-1545 - Est of Hagey; affi of mail.

P-90-1930 - Est of Barby; claim.

P-90-1201 - Est of Smith; order, inventory & appraisal.

P-85-1777 - Est of Bermea et al; affi of mail.

P-89-1101 - Est of McClure; order vacating sale, motion.

P-87-2120 - Est of Hicks; in re Lafountain vs Hicks; deposition.

P-88-1731 - Gdn of Spaulding; order, applic (2), brief (2).

P-89-989 - Est of Morrison; order, affi of mail, receipt & release. …

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