Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Next Frontier Envisioned at Sea

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Next Frontier Envisioned at Sea

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By Darrell Morrow Feature Editor Noted Oceanographer Dr. Athelstan Spilhaus, Middlesburg, Va., predicts that the next frontier will be colonization of the sea. It could be happening within 50 years, he said.

"It is the need for space that will make colonization of the sea necessary," he said.

Spilhaus was a lecturer Tuesday at the Mid-Year Institute at Oklahoma City University.

"In my opinion, being a seaperson, land is only a quarter of the earth, so all land is just a little island. Everybody is close to the sea, even living here in Oklahoma.

"I am trying to say, in a light way, in your struggle for world power, don't forget the sea. The sea has a lot of resources from a business point of view. We haven't really tapped the resources of the sea.

"When you come to think of it, fishing hasn't changed from the the Sea of Galilee. We are still hunting and fishing in the ocean. We are ranching and breeding the things we need on land.

He suggested the aquiculture of the sea should be treated the same as land, cultivating schools of fish and sea life within confined sea ranches.

"The Japanese already do some of it. To the Japanese, there is no such thing as a trash fish. They use them all, over 300 varieties," he said.

"It could be big business," said Spilhaus.

He envisions "sea modules" for living, working and producing products. Those modules might be 300 feet by 300 feet and platooned together in groups of a dozen. They also could include floating runways for air traffic.

"Ocean cities will be specifically planned to handle all problems of a specific number of people . …

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