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Received 3/12/91 B 6143 P 1365 - State Street, Inc. to Nichols Hills B&T Co., $88,000,Pt L7 B3 Signal Ridge 2nd Addn.

B 6143 P 596 - New Life Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church to Citizens Bank of Edmond, $85,000,Pt NW/4 Sec 28 T14N R3W IM.

B 6143 P 1439 - Walter K. Ogles III et ux to Consolidated Mtg Serv Inc., $83,900,L8 B3 Briarcreek Addn.

B 6143 P 834 - Ronald L. Mercer to Community Bank, $80,000,L34 B5 Arbors Addn etc.

B 6143 P 1425 - Randy Lee Brown et ux to Oak Tree Mtg Corp, $79,200,L28 B4 Redlands Addn.

B 6143 P 1545 - Mark Wayne Davis et ux to Local Fed Bank, F.S.B., $77,850,L9 B2 Edendale Estates Addn.

B 6143 P 1539 - Porter Neal Dow, Jr. et ux to Mtg Mgmt Inc, $77,300,L9 B5 Copperfield Addn.

B 6143 P 1562 - Paul S. Piatt et ux to Liberty Mtg Co, $74,528,L1 B13 Twin Oaks 3rd Addn.

B 6143 P 828 - Ron Stephenson to Guaranty Bank & Trust Co., $71,320,Pt L3 B4 Military Park Addn.

B 6143 P 1421 - Curtis N. Wood et al to Corinthian Mtg Corp, $68,040,L4 B5 Sec 2 Salyer's Windsor Forest Addn.

B 6142 P 2327 - William C. Brewer et ux to Norwest Mtg Inc., $68,000,L11 B17 The Arbors Addn.

B 6143 P 1372 - South OKC Chamber of Commerce to Friendly Bank of OKC, $68,000,Pt SW/4 Sec 28 T11N R3W IM.

B 6143 P 860 - Kent D. Holman et ux to PHH US Mtg Corp, $67,200,L26 B6 Twin Oaks 1st Addn.

B 6142 P 2391 - Stuart A. Bell et ux to Consolidated Mtg Serv Inc., $67,054,Pt L8-9 B11 Chisholm Lake Townhomes Addn Sec 2.

B 6143 P 589 - D. Brett Rostochil et ux to Liberty Mtg Co., $65,549,L9 B1 The Valley Sec 2 Addn.

B 6143 P 1361 - Boyd L. Baxter et ux to Knutson Mtg Corp, $65,394,L1, pt L2 B1 Crestline Park Addn.

B 6142 P 1715 - Daryl B. Montoya et al to Equity Natl Mtg Corp, $63,136,L4 B2 Penn Park Addn.

B 6143 P 666 - James David Duncan et ux to Norwest Mtg Inc., $62,300,L8 B14 Harvest Hills South Sec 2 Addn.

B 6143 P 857 - Frank Allen Cory et ux to WEOKIE Credit Union, $61,800,Pt L28, all L29 B17 P.B. Odom's S. Penn 4th Addn.

B 6143 P 507 - Douglas M. Kimberlin et ux to Fleet Mtg Corp., $60,671,L22 B9 Westlake Addn.

B 6142 P 1804 - Betty Huddleston to Robert Lee Smith et ux, $60,000,L26-27 B11 Milam Place Addn.

B 6143 P 680 - Bruce Don Kennedy et ux to Knutson Mtg Corp, $59,685,Pt L4-5 B43 Casady Heights 11th Addn.

B 6142 P 1725 - Ronald Waters et ux to Knutson Mtg Corp, $58,595,L1 B2 Rambling Acres Addn.

B 6142 P 1799 - William Cunningham to BancOklahoma Mtg Corp, $58,076,L84 B5 Eagle Ridge Addn.

B 6143 P 1431 - Lendal R. Stevens et ux to Local Federal Bank, F.S.B., $57,050,L7 B6 Harry Reeders Talk of the Town Addn.

B 6142 P 1706 - Charles O. Reese et ux to Heartland Fed S&L Assoc, $56,726,L13 B1 Prairie Meadows Addn.

B 6143 P 1444 - Edwin D. Johnson et ux to Maxim Mtg Corp, $56,155,L4 B13 Northwood Addn Sec 3.

B 6143 P 1387 - Hugh Simpson Tullos III et ux to John William Young et ux, $56,078,L50-51 B106 Nichols Hills Wilshire Section Addn.

B 6143 P 1357 - Ruey Tang Tsai et ux to Sears Mtg Corp, $55,500,L12 B1 Remington Country Addn.

B 6143 P 554 - Peter J. Markus et ux to Sears Mtg Corp., $55,481,L8 B6 Pebble Creek 1st Addn.

B 6143 P 1500 - Steven B. …


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