Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Strategies Can Create Luck

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Strategies Can Create Luck

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Several readers have criticized some recent columns that suggested business success was largely a matter of luck. They miss my point: If you believe success is mostly due to luck, there are strategies you can pursue to lure luck out of hiding.

By contrast, if you believe that orderly plans and getting up an hour earlier than the next person are the answer, then by all means arise before the rooster and start planning.

Want to get lucky? Try following these 50 (!) strategies:

- At bats. More times at the plate, more hits.

- Try it. Cut the baloney and get on with something.

- Ready. Fire. Aim. (Rather than Ready. Aim. Aim. Aim. ...)

- ``Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.'' Courtesy Johnsonville Foods Chief Executive Officer Ralph Stayer, who reminds us that the first phone and airplane were nothing to write home about - but you have to start somewhere.

- Read odd stuff. Look anywhere for ideas.

- Visit odd places. Want to ``see'' speed? Visit CNN.

- Make odd friends.

- Hire odd people. Boring folks, boring ideas.

- Cultivate odd hobbies. Raise orchids. Race yaks.

- Work with odd partners.

- Ask dumb questions. ``How come computer commands all come from keyboards?'' That's how the mouse was born.

- Empower. Folks who ``own'' the task take more at bats.

- Train without limits. Pick up the tab for training unrelated to work - keep everyone engaged, period.

- Applaud passion. ``Dispassionate innovator'' is an oxymoron.

- Pursue failure. Failure is success' only launching pad. (The bigger the better!)

- Root out ``not invented here.'' Swipe from the best.

- Constantly reorganize. Mix, match. Shake things up.

- Listen to everyone. Ideas come from anywhere.

- Don't listen to anyone. Trust your inner ear.

- Get fired. (More than once is OK.) If you're not pushing hard enough to get sacked, you're not pushing hard enough.

- Nurture intuition. If you can find an interesting idea that's come from a rational plan, I'll eat my hat.

- Forget the same, tired trade association meetings, talking with the same, tired people about the same, tired things.

- Decentralize. At bats are proportional to autonomy.

- Decentralize again. …

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