Criminal Felony Motion Docket Judge Thornton Wright Jr Friday May 10, 1991 9:00 Am

Article excerpt

Div S-10 Hon. Thornton Wright Jr. 09:00 FD-86-3144 - Woolley Neil D (Friesen, Larry Douglas) Vs. Woolley Kameron Motion For Attorney Fees.

FD-87-1511 - Horany Deanna C (Williams, John Morris) Vs. Horany Johnny C, jr Motion To Reduce Alimony To Judgment.

FD-87-1641 - Ross Bobby Lee (Hoover, Michael Ray) Vs. Ross Lillian (Taylor, Floyd W.) Motion For Nunc Pro Tunc.

FD-87-7374 - Phipps Barbara A (Eldridge, Clarence Kent) Vs. Phipps Jack T (Cornish, Thomas R) Motion For Nunc Pro Tunc.

FD-88-2303 - Trammell Sandra K Vs. Trammell James J Motion To Accell.Sent..

FD-89-7279 - Ballew Donna Rae (Echols, Martha E. Dodson) Vs. Ballew Jerry Wayne (Halley, David H.) Motion For New Trial.

FD-88-4279 - Guest Sheree Dawn (Tracy, Barbara Marie) Vs. Guest Montey Kent Motion To Vacate.

FD-88-6717 - Roberts Rose M (Palmer, Kimber Jean) Vs. Roberts James M Jr Motion To Enter.

FD-90-2201 - Burch J.A. (Miskovsky, grover L) Vs. Burch L.W. (Whitten Jr, hal S) Motion To Settle-.

FD-90-2582 - Johnson Michelle (Adjei, Justice Botchway) Vs. Hollins Kelvin M Motion To Enter. …


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