Financial Officers Receive Top Pay in Large U.S. Firms

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WASHINGTON (AP) - Top pay in large American companies goes to financial officers while the big corporate salaries in Germany go to those in charge of research, according to a survey by a U.S. management consulting firm.

In Japan, the personnel officer gets the top pay on average.

``As with Germany, our (U.S.) human resource executive has the lowest total compensation - a possible indication of the value we place on our people,'' said Robert J. O'Meara, who conducted the survey for A.T. Kearney Inc. of Chicago.

In an interview Wednesday, O'Meara said the companies surveyed were large. with the U.S. firms having annual sales of more than $2 billion. Pay for the top American financial officer averaged $344,000 in 1989, the executive in charge of manufacturing got $263,000 and the average personnel chief earned $217,000.

In Germany, the average officer in charge of research and development of products earned $207,000, the manufacturing boss $196,000, the financial officer $184,000 and the human resource officer $158,000.

In 13 major Japanese manufacturing companies reached for the survey, pay was more nearly equal among the different jobs. …