Corporation Commission

Article excerpt

(88363) NOTICE OF HEARING Cause CD No. 156,432-T Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma. Applicant: Kaiser-Francis Oil Company. Relief Sought:& Increased Well Density. Land Covered: Section 22, Township 14 North, Range 23 West, Roger Mills County, Okla- homa. STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: All persons, owners, producers, operators, purchasers and takers of oil and gas and all other interested persons, particularly in Roger Mills County, Oklahoma, and more particularly AnSon Corporation; Virgil Boll; Bank of Oklahoma, Sole Trustee of the Robert S. Bowers Family Trust; Henry W. Browne, Trustee of the Henry W. Browne Revocable Trust; Cal-Ray Petroleum Corp.; Robert O. Clark, c/o Citizens National Bank, as Custodian for Robert O. Clark; Cornell Corporation; James W. George; MCF Energy Corporation; Emon A. Maho- ney; Markland Corporation; Milanco, Ltd.; Don D. Montgomery; Moody Oil Company; Panhandle Royalty Com- pany; Petro Guard Company, Inc.; Robert L. Scott; Toklan Oil and Gas Corp.; Polly C. Welfelt; Grace 1981 Private Drilling Program; Melinda D. Alspaugh and John H. Alspaugh; Kelly H. Baxter; Janet Kay Baxter; Catlett Minerals Corporation; T.R. Chitwood; Courtney Holt Cowden, Jr.; Carol S. Dinsmore; Ralph Willard Disney, Trus- tee of the Ralph Willard Disney Trust; EGJ Oil Interests, Inc.; Elk City Royalty Co.; El Paso Natural Gas Co.; Hazel Frye; Jack Hall; Imperial Oil Company; Melvin E. Isley; Robert R. Klabzuba; Bruce E. Lasilla; Ora Bell Leach; Fred S. Leach; Robert A. Leach; Jymay M. Davis; James R. Maddux, Jr.; Gail McDaniel and Ewing Minor McDaniel; Meridian Oil Production, Inc.; Meridian Oil, Inc.; Michael J. Milligan and Lois Milligan, Trustees of the James H. Milligan 1974 Trust; Omar B. Milligan Enterprises, Inc.; Ivan Lester Minor and Doris E. Minor; Iva May Minor; North American Energy Investors, Inc.; OXY USA, Inc.; Stanley B. Catlett, James H. Milligan and Lois Milligan, Trustees of the Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation; Richard A. Robertson; Santa Fe Energy Co.; Santa Fe Energy Operating Part- ners, L.P.; Grace Schmolcke; Mabel Seaman; Wilda L. Smith; J.W. Straight; Gene Warr and John R. Repass, Trustees; Helen N. Williams; Thelma L. Williams; William T. Rapp, Jr., Trustee for Winoma Trust; Grace Petroleum Corporation; GPC 1981 B&G Partner- ship Foreclosure; An-Son Indiana 1981 Limited Partnership; Shanley Oil Com- pany; Vintage/P Limited Partnership; Trans-Capital Investment Group; Latex Petroleum Corporation; Blazer 1981 Drilling Program; Domestic Properties, Inc. …


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