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By Darrell Morrow Feature Editor In case you suddenly have a voracious craving for some pickled quail eggs and a fresh hunk of goat cheese but have no idea how to satisfy it, don't despair. The pickled quail eggs are available from B&D Game Farm just a short distance away in Harrah, and the goat cheese is available from Idle Knot Farm Dairy of Ripley _ both right here in Oklahoma. Then, if those quail eggs and the goat cheese leave you with a thirst, you'll probably want to wash them down with a glass of wine from Dwayne Pool's Cimarron Cellars Winery at Caney. All three are "Made in Oklahoma" products grown and processed in Oklahoma, and they're in the book "Oklahoma Food and Agricultural Product Directory." It is a 60-page directory of fresh, raw and processed products available for retail, wholesale and export published by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture. Or, have you ever found the saliva flowing just thinking about throwing a wild boar steak on the grill? That wild boar meat also is available from southeast Oklahoma. There may not be a large craving for some of these specialty products in Oklahoma, but some of them command big prices in gourmet stores and when exported to foreign countries. "A fellow in southeast Oklahoma is going to ship about 20,000 pounds of wild boar meat a month to Taiwan. He's rounding up the wild hogs _ they're kind of razorbacks _ and then they have a USDA packing plant," said Anna Belle Wiedemann, director of the Market Development Division of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture. "Then we have one that is shipping ostrich meat and alligator meat. Tony Lama (Tony Lama Co. Inc., a boot manufacturer) alone buys 60,000 ostrich hides a year. Just think of that market," she said. New products are being created and marketed so rapidly that an updated version of the product directory, which has been out only about eight months, is planned for publication in about three months, Wiedemann said. Newest in the line of agricultural product guides is an Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Export Directory, of which 2,000 copies just came from the printers last week. It is designed for distribution at export trade shows, Wiedemann said. It lists 216 Oklahoma companies which offer their agriculture-related products for export sale. It updates a previous export directory several years old that contained "only a handful of companies that exported Oklahoma products," she said. "We didn't have as many companies interested in doing export business when the old one was printed. It is just now getting to where the companies sense export is a way of life _ if you are going to expand, you're going to have to get overseas," she said. The export book also lists commercial storage facilities for handling export goods, Oklahoma banks capable of handling export financing, international freight handlers, international health services for clearing goods for shipment, international trade associations, agencies offering international trade assistance, and international trading companies in Oklahoma. The export products range from raw grains to the exotic processed products such as "High Dollar Chips," a chocolate-covered potato chip produced by Bedre Nut Co. of Ada _ not found in your average grocery store. The foreign representatives of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce cooperate with the Agriculture Department in promotion of products but place more emphasis on industrial products promotion, she said. "Agriculture is not as sex appealing, you might say, as big industry. Agriculture is big industry, but most people don't consider it that way. It's not got the fluff that other areas have. "It is very interesting. It is very rewarding and it really is the backbone of Oklahoma," she said. …


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