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APPENDIX A RULES AND PROCEDURES FOR APPLICATIONS FOR EXTENDED AREA SERVICE RULE 1. General Provisions A. Jurisdiction: The Oklahoma Corporation Commission by virtue of Article IX, Section 18, et seq., of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, Title 17, Section 131 et seq., of the Oklahoma Statutes and sundry other enactments of the Oklahoma legislature has authority and responsibility to supervise, regulate and control the public service business of telephone companies in Oklahoma, and to enact rules and regulations in connection therewith. B. Application of Rules: These rules and procedures apply to requests to the Corporation Commission from subscribers applying for Extended Area Service (EAS). These rules shall be entitled Rules and Procedures for Applications for Extended Area Service and may be cited by the Short Title as the Oklahoma EAS Rules. C. Scope of Rules: These rules and procedures are intended to provide an orderly, reasonable, fair and definitive process for the presentation of requests for EAS. Unless otherwise specifically provided in these rules, the Commission's Rules of Practice shall govern cases brought to extend local telephone calling scopes. D. Interpretation of the Rules: Where, by their context, these rules establish standards or objectives, substantial compliance therewith will be deemed compliance with the rules. Where, by their context, these rules impose an absolute obligation, strict compliance is required. E. Relief from Rules: Whenever compliance with any requirement of these rules would result in unreasonable hardship upon, or excessive expense to the applicant or a telephone company, or for other good cause shown, the Commission may order, waive or modify the requirements of these rules, upon application of any interested party. F. Rules Conform to Law: These rules shall be construed to conform with the Constitution and laws of Oklahoma. G. Controversy over Rules: Whenever a controversy exists in connection with the interpretation of these rules, or their applicability, or any right or duty imposed thereby, the Commission, upon application of any interested person, and after notice and hearing, will enter such order thereon as it may deem appropriate. H. Severability: These rules will not relieve in any way a telephone company or customer from any of its duties under the laws of this state or the United States. If any provision of these rules is held invalid, such invalidity shall not affect other provisions or applications of these rules which can be given effect without the invalid provision or application, and to this end the provisions of these rules are declared to be severable. These rules shall not be construed so as to enlarge, diminish, modify, or alter the jurisdiction, powers, or authority of the Commission or the substantive rights of any person. RULE 2. Commencement of the Proceeding A.Application:

1. The applicant shall be a telephone subscriber(s) or represent subscribers to telephone service located in the petitioning zone or exchange.

2. The application must be supported by a Petition signed by current subscribers to telephone service in the petitioning zone or exchange representing 50 or 5% (whichever is greater) of the subscriber lines in the petitioning zone or exchange. The Petition shall be substantially in the form attached hereto as an "Example of Petition." (See Attachment 1).

3. The Application shall state the specific relief being requested, and shall state the specific zone or exchange for which Extended Area Service is being requested, the zone or exchange with which EAS is being requested, whether one-way or two-way service is being requested, and whether optional or non- optional service is being requested.

4. The petitioning and requested zones or exchanges must be in the same LATA, and the petitioning and requested zone or exchanges must be contiguous. …


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