Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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COMPLETIONS Received 11-05-91 ALFALFA COUNTY Park Avenue Exploration Corporation, Sue 1-7, SE SE NE, 330fsl-2310fwl, Misener 5713, Class. Oil, 1536 BO, 783 MCFGD, TD 5800.

BEAVER COUNTY Harken Exploration Company, Fry 13-1, 13-5N- 25aECM, W2 SE NE, 660fsl-1650fwl, no other information available, TD 7100.

OXY USA Inc., Bass D 2, 14-3N-24ECM, E2 E2 W2 NE4, Morrow 7342, Class. Gas, 1250 MCFGD, TD 7500.

Bettis, Boyle & Stovall, Mike Albert A-3, 17-5N- 26ECM, E2 NE SE, 1980fsl-2310fwl, Council Grove 3562, Class. Gas, 0 BO, 300 MCFGD, Chase 3082, Class. Gas, 0 BO, 406 MCFGD, TD 3628.

Spectra Energy Corp., MNark 1, 26-5N-26ECM, SE SW, 660fsl-1980fwl, Marmaton 5914, Class. Oil, 50 BO, 30 MCFGD, TD 6100.

P.F. Beeler, Calhoon 1, 9-3N-24ECM, C NW, 1320fsl-1320fwl, Chase 2892, Class. Gas, 0 BO, 505 MCFGD, TD 3409.

Cimarron Operating Company, Spangler 1-9, 9-3N- 23ECM, Chester Lime 7160, Class. Gas, 600 MCFGD, Td 7300.

Natural Gas Anadarko Company, Parker 1-12, 12- 2N-23ECM, S2 NW, 660fsl-1320fwl, Lower Chester 8015, Class. Gas, 2.1 BO, 442 MCFGD, TD 8500.

TXO Production Corp., Elsa 2-17, 17-5N-20ECM, W2 W2 W2 NE, 1320fsl-150fwl, Morrow 6104, Class.

Dry, Td 7100.

BECKHAM COUNTY Mobil Oil Corporaton, D.H. Byrd 01-03, 03-9N-22W, N2 S2 NW, 961fsl-1320fwl, Class. Plugged and Abandoned, TD 13508.

Douglass, Dietz & Daley, Inc., Natalie 2-10, 10-9N- 25W, N2 NE SW, 2250fsl-1980fwl, G.W. Standup 6690, Class. Dry, Virgil 4261, Class. Dry, Lower Brown Dolomite 3536, Class. Dry, Td 7322.

Sanguine, Ltd., Hewlett 1-27, 27-12N-21W, N2 N2 S2 SW4, 1180fsl-1320fwl, Atoka (Clinton Lake Sand) 15319, Class. Gas, 0 BO, 2437 MCFGD, TD 15475.

Helmerich & Payne, Inc., Cupp D-5, 26-10N-26W, S2 NW NW, 1650fsl-660fwl, Virgil Reef Zones 57u76, Class. Gas, 100000 MCFGD, Cottage Grove, Class.

Dry, Hunton, Class. Dry, TD 17194/PBTD 5782.

BLAINE COUNTY Marathon Oil Company, Biggs "B" 1, 7-17N-10N, SW NW SE NW, 810fsl-1370fwl, Cherokee Sand 7704, Class. Dry, TD 8320.

Samson Resources Company, Evangeline 1-16, 16- 18N-10W, C NE SE, 1980fsl-1980fwl, Chester 8440, Class. Gas, 116 MCFGD, Td 9050.

CADDO COUNTY Byron Haynes, Baldwin 3, 29-6N-9W, NE SW SW, 940fsl-990fwl, Fortuna 2163, Class. Oil, TD 2500.

CANADIAN COUNTY Kaiser Francis Oil Company, Meyer 1-6, 6-11N- 7W, C S2 NW, 660fsl-1320fwl, Skinner 9432, Class.

Gas, 1475 MCFGD, Hedlund 7056, Class., Gas, 1760 MCFGD, Osborne 9552, Class., gas, TD 9721/PBTD 9673.

Bradmar Petroleum Corporation, Ellison "A" 1, 15-12N-9W, C SW SW, 660fsl-660fwl, Cottage Grove 8863, Class. Dry, Td 1079/PBTD 8913.

Chesapeake Operating, Inc., Calvert 1-13, 13-14N- 5W, C SW SE, 660fsl-660fwl, Avant 5178, Class. Gas, 0 BO, 50 MCFGD, TD 6951, Prue 34720, Class. Dry, Bartlesville 347320, Class. Dry, TD 6951.

CARTER COUNTY Exxon Corporation, Simpson Voorhees 28, 9-04S- 02W, W2 NW SW SE, 990fsl-218fwl, Hoxbar 2634, Deese 3558, Class. …

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