Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

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PROBATE PROCEEDINGS FILED 11/12/91 P-91-1158 _ Gdnsh of Conrad; order.

P-86-269 _ Est of McClung; gnd final dischg.

P-90-368 _ Est of Kane; petition (2), order (6), ltrs of admin,(3), motion (3) P-91-1443 _ Est of Whalin; amd not.

to cred., affi of mailing.

P-90-1687 _ Est of Nelson; gen inventory & apprmt.

P-89-642 _ Est of Leigh; order from OTC, final acct, petition, order & notice of hrng on 12/2/91 at 9:00 a.m., affi of mailing.

P-90-1118 _ Est of Whitlock; final acct, petition.

P-91-1709 _ Est of Gholston; proof of mailing.

P-91-1731 _ Est of McMillin; affi of mailing.

P-89-1409 _ Est of Sakalian; publi affi.

P-91-1372 _ Est of Treadway; publi affi, affi of mailing.

P-89-1409 _ Est of Sakalian; publi affi.

P-91-1095 _ Est of Butler; publi affi.

P-90-33 _ Est of Bruhwiler; publi affi.

P-91-1705 _ Est of Day; order & notice of hrng on 12/4/91 at 9:00 a.m.

P-91-1402 _ Est of Conger; final acct, petition.

P-77-1829 _ Est of Brown; final acct.

P-69-163 _ Est of Spears; order, order from OTC, applic.

P-81-1921 _ Est of Stinchcomb; temp. order & notice of hrng on 11/ 21/91 at 10:00 a.m., motion.

P-85-1620 _ Est of Anderson; publi affi.

P-86-470 _ Est of Couch in re; publi affi.

P-86-1646 _ Est of Valega; affi of mailing.

P-87-925 _ Est of Neff; gen inven- tory & apprmt, order from OTC.

P-87-1103 _ Gdnsh of Johnson; report, affi of mailing, notice.

P-88-21 _ Gdnsh of Jackson;& annual report. P-88-793 _ Est of Cramer; affi of mailing.

P-88-2073 _ Est of West; publi affi.

P-89-181 _ Gdnsh of Emery; waiver (2).

P-89-336 _ Est of Prosser; publi affi.

P-89-342 _ Gdnsh of Hasley; order (2).

P-89-540 _ Gdnsh of Price; order.

P-89-548 _ Gdnsh of Knight; order.

P-89-712 _ Est of Partridge; publi affi.

P-89-1956 _ Est of Fuller; publi affi.

P-90-208 _ Est of Edwards; publi affi.

P-90-376 _ Est of Walker; publi affi (2).

P-90-506 _ Est of Crosby; bond.

P-90-1118 _ Est of Whitlock; order from OTC, applic, affi of mailing, order & notice of hrng on 12/5/91 at 1:30 p.m.

P-90-1123 _ Est of New; order & notice of hrng on 12/13/91 at 1:30 p.m., final acct, petition.

P-90-1126 _ Est of Goekeler; publi affi.

P-90-1204 _ Est of Blum; publi affi.

P-90-1319 _ Est of Flynt; motion.

P-90-1243 _ Est of Gatlin; publi affi.

P-90-1404 _ Est of Stafford; order from OTC, order.

P-90-1690 _ Est of Bowles; publi affi.

P-90-1886 _ Est of Sweeney; gen inventory & apprmt.

P-90-1900 _ Est of Anderson; publi affi (2).

P-90-1921 _ Est of Harper; publi affi.

P-91-47 _ Est of McCorkle; publi affi (2).

P-91-98 _ Est of Fryrear; order.

P-91-141 _ Est of Watters; publi affi.

P-91-176 _ Est of Cozart; publi affi.

P-91-242 _ Est of Bailey; publi affi.

P-91-367 _ Est of Sparks; publi affi.

P-91-403 _ Est of Patrick; order & notice of hrng on 12/13/91 at 9:00 a.m., petition.

P-91-404 _ Est of Peel; order from OTC. …

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