Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Warranty Deeds

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Warranty Deeds

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Received 11/11/91 Sales price computed from revenue stamps.

B 6220 P 394 _ Jon A. Jerlow et ux to Danny Paul Grayson et ux, Sls Pr. $95,000.00, L8 B9 Harvest Hills addn, Sec 2 addn, OKC. Retn 8217 NW 102nd St., OKC.

B 6220 P 235 _ Mike Cooke et ux to Lynn D. Grumieaux et ux, Sls Pr. $93,000.00, L5 B2 Harvest Estates addn, OKC. Retn 211 N. Robinson, Ste. 210, OKC.

B 6220 P 459 _ Kevin Rozell et ux to Pete Almendariz, Sls Pr. $66,500.00, L1 B4 Eagle Ridge addn, OKC. Retn 8300 NW 111th St., OKC.

B 6220 P 464 _ Irene Joan S. Stuever to Okechukwu Ibeh et ux, Sls Pr. $66,500.00, L20 B2 Knight Lake addn, OKC. Retn 7316 Crown Point Rd., OKC.

B 6220 P 462 _ Janis L. Taylor et ux to Barry W. Bellmore et ux, Sls Pr. $64,500.00, L6 B10 Rock Knoll addn, OKC. Retn 8609 Candlewood, OKC.

B 6220 P 447 _ Craig W. Cotton et ux to Marcia Sue Zangri, Sls Pr. $63,000.00, L1 B6 Western Oaks addn, Bethany, OK. Retn 7012 NW 25th St., OKC.

B 6220 P 1057 _ Thomas Lee Harris et ux to Charles David Knopp, Sls Pr. $58,500.00, L32 B1 Nottoway addn, MWC, OK. Retn 133 NW 8th, OKC.

B 6220 P 1081 _ Billy D. Sprowls et al to Otis H. Bealmear et ux, Sls Pr. $56,000.00, L21 B16 Putnam Hts addn, OKC. Retn 1420 NW 39th, OKC.

B 6220 P 511 _ Mary Lynne Stewart White et ux to Debra Lynn Dumas, Sls Pr. $48,000.00, L3-4 B1 Joel Coley's Holiday Hills addn, OKC. Retn 4117 NW 122nd, Ste.A, OKC.

B 6220 P 465 _ Slfred F. Spurgeon et ux to Walter C. Endres et ux, Sls Pr. $44,500.00, L13 B1 Southern Hills addn, Edmond, OK. Retn 209 SE 30th St., Edmond, OK.

B 6220 P 1082 _ Buddy D. Work et ux to Dorotha F. Underwood, Sls Pr. $44,500.00, L26 B1 Davis Hts addn, MWC, OK. Retn 416 Bell Dr., MWC, OK.

B 6220 P 959 _ General Electric Mtg. Insurance Corp. to Michael Joe Umber et ux, Sls Pr.

$44,000.00, L11 B1 Bacon's Woodland addn, OK.

Retn 133 NW 8th St., OKC.

B 6220 P 234 _ Frank T. Lowry et ux to Milton E. Tucker, Sls Pr. $34,000.00, L10 B6 Olde Towne addn, MWC, OK. Retn 1200 S. Air Depot, Ste. M, MWC, OK.

B 6220 P 445 _ Prestige Custom Homes, Inc. to Dave S. Deardeuff et ux, Sls Pr. $33,000.00, L27 B6 Glen Eagles Estates, Sec 2 addn, OKC. Retn Box 26000, OKC.

B 6220 P 237 _ Bank of OK to Rodney G. Broadstone et ux, Sls Pr. $25,000.00, L15 B6 Traub addn, MWC, OK. Retn 1200 S. Air Depot, Ste.M, MWC, OK.

B 6220 P 238 _ Norma Jean Smith to Alice F. Hopkins, Sls Pr. $23,000.00, L16 B7 Rollings Meadows, MWC, OK. Retn 1200 S. Air Depot, Ste. M, MWC, OK.

B 6220 P 331 _ Sammy H. Gilchrist et ux to David T. Cobb et ux, Sls Pr. $22,000.00, L1 B24 Nicoma Park addn, OK. Retn Box 812, Nicoma Park, OK.

B 6220 P 1048 _ Frank W. Shirk et ux to Kenneth D. O'Hagan et ux, Sls Pr. $15,500.00, L26 B10 Westwood addn, OKC. Retn 13200 Blue Quail Rd., Yukon, OK.

B 6220 P 396 _ Virginia Z. LaGrave et al to Duong Dinh Pham, Sls Pr. …

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