Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Parkhurst: It's Not Unethical to Make a Profit

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Parkhurst: It's Not Unethical to Make a Profit

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Some business ethics teaching amounts to "business bashing," but L.G. Parkhurst Jr., president of Ethics Corporate in Edmond, thinks it's unethical not to make a profit.

"Some business ethics teaching makes businessmen out as professional criminals," he said.

"Good ethics training should make businessmen and managers feel good about making a profit." Parkhurst, partner in a corporate ethics consulting business opened in August, said good ethics training should help all managers and employees understand that they have an ethical obligation to help their company make a profit.

"I think good ethics training should encourage people to have a lot of pride in their company," he said. "It's incredible, the morale boost by putting an ethics program in." In the program on "Corporate Ethics, the Law and Profitability" offered by Ethics Corporate, the firm makes a four-hour presentation designed to make companies aware of new federal sentencing guidelines and help them develop an ethics program that will increase their profitability, Parkhurst said.

"It's not just to reduce risk and minimize losses, but to feel pride in making a profit because you can see all the good that profit is doing in the community," he said.

"We know, for example, in the 1970s that some of the automobiles were recalled because of employee sabotage," Parkhurst said. "The perception of the employees was that management wasn't treating them right." Sometimes if an employee feels like he isn't being treated right, then when the customer comes in, he isn't going to treat the customer right, he said.

Parkhurst said a survey asked 842 Fortune 1,000 companies why they changed vendors. The number one reason was lack of integrity, including late deliveries and salesmen making promises they couldn't keep.

Only 9 percent responded that higher price prompted them to change, he said. …

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