Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

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PROBATE PROCEEDINGS FILED 12/4/91 P-90-1310 _ Est of Flynt; petition, order & notice of hrng on 12/20/91 at 2:00 p.m., order (2).

P-89-1842 _ Est of Collins; motion.

P-91-529 _ Est of Merritt; report, order & notice of hrng on 12/16/19 at 9:00 a.m.

P-89-2029 _ Est of Gilman; affi of mailing.

P-90-176 _ Est of Ferguson; order &

notice of hrng on 1/9/92 at 9:00 a.m., affi of mailing, applic, final acct.

P-91-1843 _ Est of Davenport; affi of mailing.

P-91-1045 _ Est of Renfroe; order &

notice of hrng on 12/26/91 at 10:00 a.m., final acct., petition, order from OTC.

P-91-855 _ Est of McClure; order.

P-90-1627 _ Gdnsh of Herring; annual report.

P-90-1243 _ Est of Gatlin; deed.

P-77-1779 _ Est of Boone; final dischg.

P-82-1708 _ Est of Lewis; applic.

P-84-1438 _ Est of Rudell; motion.

P-85-11 _ Gdnsh of Leonard; order.

P-85-801 _ Gdnsh of Rhodes; order.

P-85-830 _ Gdnsh of Mayes; order.

P-86-237 _ Gdnsh of Price; entry of appearance.

P-86-237 _ Gdnsh of Price; order & notice of hrng on 12/30/91 at 1:30 p.m.

(2), annual report (2).

P-86-2090 _ Gdnsh of Rooney; gdns report, applic, order.

P-87-391 _ Gdnsh of Ford, Jr.; publi affi.

P-87-1310 _ Est of Crawford; order.

P-87-1579 _ Gdnsh of Youngblood; order.

P-87-1636 _ Gdnsh of Nelson;& order.

P-87-1672 _ Gdnsh of Pyle; order.

P-87-1734 _ Gdnsh of Brewer; order.

P-87-1769 _ Gdnsh of Hogan; order.

P-87-1877 _ Gdnsh of Dellinger; order.

P-88-21 _ Est of Jackson; order.

P-88-85 _ Gdnsh of Howard; order &

notice of hrng on 12/19/91 at 1:30 p.m., affi of mailing, final report.

P-88-1262 _ Gdnsh of Hunt; order.

P-88-1355 _ Gdnsh of Myers; order.

P-88-1375 _ Gdnsh of Brown;& order.

P-88-1430 _ Gdnsh of Robinson; order.

P-88-1471 _ Gdnsh of Robinson; order.

P-88-1516 _ Gdnsh of Bedsell; order.

P-88-1518 _ Gdnsh of McChristian; order.

P-88-1524 _ Gdnsh of Hicks; order.

P-88-1682 _ Gdnsh of Luse; order.

P-88-1686 _ Gdnsh of Hopkins; order.

P-88-1733 _ Gdnsh of Gonzalez; order.

P-88-1804 _ Gdnsh of Brite; order.

P-88-1821 _ Gdnsh of Norton;& order.

P-88-1823 _ Gdnsh of Mendonca; order.

P-88-1825 _ Gdnsh of Macklin; order.

P-88-1945 _ Est of Perkins; order from OTC.

P-88-1982 _ Est of Hale; publi affi.

P-88-2040 _ Gdnsh of Franklin; order.

P-88-2071 _ Gdnsh of Thompson; order.

P-89-1414 _ Est of Shores; order, order from OTC.

P-89-2029 _ Est of Gilman; applic, notice.

P-90-407 _ Est of Jarnigan; publi affi.

P-90-800 _ Est of Walley; publi affi.

P-88-1082 _ Gdnsh of Myers; order.

P-90-1268 _ Cons. of Neal; entry of appearance.

P-90-1356 _ Est of Hinkle; notice, final acct., petition.

P-90-1369 _ Est of Moreland; publi affi.

P-90-1387 _ Est of Sureck; public affi.

P-90-1411 _ Est of Pearl; order, applic, order from OTC, affi of mail- ing, final report, order & notice of hrng on 12/30/91 at 1:30 p.m.

P-90-1596 _ Est of Sampson in re; order. …

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